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■ Playscience using various interface functions of iPhone is a self-directed science study application to help preschoolers learn science easier. - This ...

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■ Playscience using various interface functions of iPhone is a self-directed science study application to help preschoolers learn science easier. - This application is designed to easily and cheerfully teach scientific principles by using iPhone’s various functions such as touch, wind, tilt and voice recognition. - Learn 21 science principles with five categories of temperature, sound, gravity/inertia, light and electricity. - Easier descriptions, voice actor’s clear recording, cute and pretty pictures will help preschoolers to understand scientific principles easier. ■ Experience scientific principles with Playscience 1. Temperature 1) Concept of Temperature Category : Kids can experience various situations related to temperature in our daily life such as the boiling point, melting point and freezing point of water, oil and the relations between body and temperature so that they can learn about temperature easily. 2) Themes of Temperature Category ✔ Water and Oil ✔ The King is Cold ✔ The King is Hot ✔ Iceberg ✔ Microwave 2. Sound 1) Concept of Sound Category : Kids can easily learn how to deliver sound, level of sound(DB), reflection of sound and concept of frequency through a parrot repeating words, singing a baby to sleep and echo. 2) Themes of Sound Category ✔ Parrot ✔ Lullaby ✔ Frequency ✔ Echo 3. Gravity/inertia 1) Concept of Gravity/Inertia Category : Kids can easily understand the concepts of gravity and inertia through driving a bus, taking out a grain of pepper from a pepperpot and Pierrot jumping on the trampoline. . 2) Themes of Gravity/Inertia Category -Inertia ✔ Bus ✔ Pierrot ✔ Pepper -Gravity ✔ Gravity of The Earth 4. Light 1) Concept of Light Category : Kids can learn about concepts of light through making various colors with the three primary colors, shadow quiz and making lightning. 2) Themes of Light Category ✔ Three Primary Colors ✔ Lightning ✔ Sun, Moon and Earth ✔ Shadow Quiz 5. Electricity 1) Concept of Electricity Category : Kids can learn about the entire process related to electricity from the generation to consumption. When they learn about how to generate electricity in the wind power plant, tidal power plant and water power plant, kids would have time to consume the electricity they made. 2) Themes of Electricity Category ✔ Wind Power Plant ✔ Tidal Power Plant ✔ Water Power Plant ✔ Home Appliances Use ■ With Playscience, science can be play not study.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 10.37 MB


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Developed by Bilution

Day of release: 2011-11-23

Recommended age: 4+

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