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Having spent years in most major departments of the hospital, and after extensive experience in the clinics, Pocket Chart was created to help people keep ...

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Having spent years in most major departments of the hospital, and after extensive experience in the clinics, Pocket Chart was created to help people keep track of their medical history and have it ready for any medical emergency. What separates Pocket Chart from other Apps? 1.) It contains the "must-know" questions that everyone should be aware of, laid out in a straightforward, yet comprehensive format. When used correctly, the App is designed to organize the vital information you need to know in any emergency medical situation. It is set up to facilitate communication about your health between yourself and any medical professional. 2.) The App is a must-have for: *** All adults who want to be involved in their health care. *** Anyone taking prescribed or over-the-counter medications. *** Anyone being treated for medical illnesses. *** All kids with smartphones. Parents can fill out the information to keep them prepared for any educational setting, after-school activity, summer camp, etc. Also ideal for emergency situations for babysitters and adults taking care of any child. *** Elderly adults taking multiple medications and with multiple medical problems, whether living independently or in assisted-living facilities. *** Teenagers taking medications or being treated for any medical illness. *** Emergency situations in which loved-ones, pharmacies, or primary physicians need to be contacted. *** Any visits to doctors' offices/clinics, emergency departments, urgent care centers, minor-care clinics, or hospital stays. After downloading Pocket Chart, please read the disclaimer section carefully; by using the App, you agree to all of its terms. If you have any trouble using the application, please visit www.syedrx.com for a detailed overview in the Help Section. Please note: Currently, there is no way of transmitting this information wirelessly to any doctor's office or hospital. This is because we are committed to holding your privacy in the highest regard. We want to be certain that all content in Pocket Chart can only be accessed by yourself and only those to whom you give consent. Please be aware that you are ultimately responsible for the contents within your mobile device. Be careful about giving your device to others, or downloading any suspicious software. Please also be aware that if you choose to delete Pocket Chart from your device, or have to restore its original settings, the content you enter into Pocket Chart will also be deleted. Always keep a backup of your medical information in a safe location. Syed Rx, the makers of Pocket Chart, is committed to creating Apps to help you become better advocates for your health, and to help improve healthcare through patient education. We design our Apps to be trustworthy enough for our loved ones to use, and we would be honored if you allow us to serve you and yours. Please direct constructive comments to SyedRxHealth@gmail.com. Look for more great Apps coming soon!


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