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***Price lowered from $14.99 to $2.99 for limited time!*** Involved in commercial property development? Pocket Developer is an innovative tool designed ...

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***Price lowered from $14.99 to $2.99 for limited time!*** Involved in commercial property development? Pocket Developer is an innovative tool designed to quickly evaluate the high level numbers in commercial development projects. Pocket Developer provides quick calculation of land costs, allowing the user to move seamlessly between acres and square feet. Pocket Developer provides the ability to calculate any one of the following parameters given the other two: total land cost, cost/unit (either acres and square feet) and size (in acres and square feet.) Building cost are calculated from building size and cost per square foot. Once the net project total costs are calculated Pocket Developer provides a financing calculator that adds in developer fees (based on a user specified percent) to quickly determine the monthly and annual financing costs. But as most developers know, it’s rarely that easy... In the event that the monthly payment is greater than the client’s target budget number, the Pocket Developer’s innovative “Negotiate” page provides a powerful set of analysis tools that allow the user to quickly evaluate the impact on the monthly payment of adjusting five critical project parameters: land size/cost, construction cost ($/sq ft). building size, the length of the term (years), and down payment. While each parameter can be easily manipulated with up and down arrows, Pocket Developer can take much of the guess work out of the process. By providing visual “target” queues, Pocket Developer lets you know if it’s going to take a big or little change in each parameter to hit the “target” monthly payment. And if you want to cut to the chase, simply hit the target icon for a given parameter and the magic number is automatically calculated for you. When no amount of adjusting of a parameter is going to reach the desired outcome, Pocket Developer lets you know to focus your efforts elsewhere. Pocket Developer also provides a built-in “File Manager” that lets you save and recall an unlimited number of projects. Each project also provides land, building and project notes. Pocket Developer was designed in conjunction with working development professionals and was field tested with great success before being submitted to the iTunes App Store. Pocket Developer is designed for: residential & commercial property developers economic development professionals municipal planners and officials architects structural &civil engineers surveyors contractors designers leasers project managers estimators utility planners Pocket Developer can collapse the time needed to get to “yes” on your next project! Please let us know what you think by posting your comments or emailing us at support@armchairdesign.com.


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