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Pocket Letter Pro

>>> Write OR dictate your next business letter, thank you note, cover letter, memo, or other correspondence using our easy to use and professional formatting. ...

Discontinued App


>>> Write OR dictate your next business letter, thank you note, cover letter, memo, or other correspondence using our easy to use and professional formatting. *** “A nice little app to quickly send out a letter. It creates a letter head takes care of spacing and format.” *** Seamlessly create multiple ‘templates’ for repeated use, saving lots of typing and time. Pocket Letter Pro creates consistent and correctly formatted correspondence every time. Simply use your device or Bluetooth enabled keyboard - or - your built-in voice recognition feature to get started. Have similar letters? Create additional documents in just minutes using the ‘Duplicate’ feature. EASY TO USE Simply fill in the sections of the letter and Pocket Letter Pro will do the rest! (See below for the steps) POCKET LETTER PRO IS IDEAL FOR: Thank You Notes * School/College Applications * Cover Letters * Follow-up * Inquiries * Bill of Sale * Purchase Receipts * Commendation Letters * Contracts * Agreements * Resignation Letter * Introductions * Sales Letter for Product or Service * Recommendation Letter MOST IMPORTANT INCLUDED FEATURES (PRO VERSION): • Save, edit, and delete letter options. • Easily duplicate or clone letters for reuse. • Copy and paste text from your iPhone or iPad. • Dictate your letter using your “built-in voice recognition” function. • Unlimited number of letters. • Email your letter via PDF. • Share PDF to Dropbox – Link your account to upload document. • Print letter via AirPrint. • Sort letters by date - ascending/descending or alphabetic. • Add Contacts – Get your existing contacts name and address from your device – saving you additional typing and time. • Import/Export feature – Save your letter and share with other Pocket Letter users (.plpd format). • Ad free version PRO VERSION INCLUDED FORMATTING OPTIONS: - Add/Remove Letterhead Separator - Font Style = Choose from the fonts installed on your device - Adjustable Font Size option – Shrink or expand the font to fit the page or for better readability. - Justification = Select Left, Center and Full Justification - Letter Styling = Block / Semi-Block – Left aligned style or indented paragraphs and right align “from” fields. - Enter your information once and save it to ‘My Info’ for future letters. - Personal & Business Format Style - Upload Logo or Letterhead image (see faq’s inside the app for sizing recommendations) - Toggle border on/off around your letters. Want additional options? * UNLOCK EVEN MORE USEFUL FUNCTIONS WITH THESE ADDITIONAL IN-APP PURCHASES * Starting at just .99 per feature, you’ll have more options at your fingertips. MULTI-PAGE - Add the ability for multiple pages with this in-app purchase. Great for agreements and contracts. US BUSINESS LETTER TEMPLATE - Formatted for styling practices in the United States. UK BUSINESS LETTER TEMPLATE – Based on common styling in the UK. (Right Aligned From, Date Format) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LETTER TEMPLATE - Non US/UK formatting. *------------------ Feel free to check out our FAQ page (also inside the app) for more information about using Pocket Letter – http://pocketletterpro.com/faq *------------------ Download Pocket Letter Pro today for your go to word editor program.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.5.1

Size: 2.14 MB


Price: 3,20 €

Developed by Lakeview Mobile Apps, LLC

Day of release: 2017-10-2

Recommended age: 4+

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