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Get all your live local and national Taiwan news updated 24/7 directly from our app. We`ve designed this app to aggregate all the various news ...

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Get all your live local and national Taiwan news updated 24/7 directly from our app. We’ve designed this app to aggregate all the various news feeds together for you so you are never out of touch with today’s current events. Additionally, the app provides feeds for both the English and the Chinese audience. Therefore, the choice is yours based upon your language preference. ***************************** FEATURES: ***************************** - Multiple data feeds from both Chinese and English news sources - "Keep It Simple" - Unlike other apps, you commonly have to jump back and forth between different screens to drill down and down when all you really want is today's news. - "Speed" - You want speed....we've tuned every corner of this app to maximize of efficiency. - "One View" - Pocket News allows you to scroll and read all in one simple view. - "Speedy Navigation" - Left and right paging buttons are also available for you to browser three headlines at a time. - "Bookmark" - We also have a selector that highlights the current article you are reading so you don't loose your place. - "Offline" - Want offline reading? We've got it. Perhaps you will be traveling to some where with no data connection; airplane, train, boating, mountains. We got you covered. Pocket News saves all the articles locally in your iPhone/iPod Touch so you can browse through them when data connection is not available. - "Instant Download" - To save articles for offline viewing, simply open and close the app when you have data connection. Your latest news feed will then saved and ready to go. - "Sharing" - You may also share the stories you find by simply clicking on the email button and sending it off to your family and friends. - "Full Article" - There is also a full article button for you to explore the article in it's entirety at Yahoo News. Please note that all Pocket News data content is a live feed from Taiwan News rss services. Yuan Venture is in no way affiliated or partnered with Yahoo and their respective partners. All copyright and trademark information and contents delivered through the feeds are the properties of Yahoo and their respective owners.


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