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This application from Pocket SLP is a state of the art Minimal Pairs application designed to target the twelve most common phonological processes. Some ...

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This application from Pocket SLP is a state of the art Minimal Pairs application designed to target the twelve most common phonological processes. Some have described it as “a therapist’s dream come true!” “Pocket SLP – Minimal Pairs” offers two different activities to help improve phonological processes. A “Receptive Mode” which requires students to identify which of the words in the pair contains their target sound(s) and an “Expressive Mode” where they are cued to say both words. Data tracking buttons are provided for therapists, parents, and teachers to enter whether the response was correct, incorrect, or approximate. Highly detailed diagrams provide side-by-side images that highlight correct/incorrect tongue positioning. Finally, and most spectacular for therapists-Pocket SLP has taken data collection and sharing to a whole new level, by offering three highly specific report formats that are sure to impress: Spreadsheet – complete with names, dates, processes, percentages, and raw scores. Report Card – A table with accuracy percentages and the exact word pairs that were scored as “correct, incorrect, or approximate”. This “Report Card” also has the long-awaited and most useful option to include “homework text” which describes specifically what and how to practice at home! Comment boxes for parents and therapists are provided too! That’s right, Pocket SLP – Minimal Pairs creates individualized, readymade homework that can be printed (requires OS 4.0+) or emailed at the touch of a button! Line Graph – A color coded graph visually demonstrates the percentages of any/all processes over the last five sessions. Unbelievably cost effective! At half the price of traditional card decks, Pocket SLP – Minimal Pairs saves school districts, therapists, and parents a significant amount of money, while saving valuable time. Demonstrating Response To Intervention and present levels of performance has never been easier! Additional features: Almost 800 flashcards “Multiple Client” option for group sessions Application remembers the students‘ specific processes. Just select the student(s) and begin! Memory of success responses with the option to front load the deck for building success and confidence per session. Audible pronunciation of each each flashcard. Response sound options for on, off, or silly. Recording for students’ spoken responses that are stored within the application for tracking and replay at any time. Print directly from the application (requires OS 4.0+) or email data with the touch of a button. Processes within the application: Cluster Reduction – All Cluster Reduction – L Cluster Reduction – R Cluster Reduction – S Deaffrication – All Deaffrication – CH Deaffrication – J Deletion of Final Consonants – All Deletion of Final Consonants – Ch/ Deletion of Final Consonants – F/V Deletion of Final Consonants – K/G Deletion of Final Consonants - M Deletion of Final Consonants – NG Deletion of Final Consonants – P/B Deletion of Final Consonants – S/Z Deletion of Final Consonants – T/D Final Devoicing Fronting Palatal – All Fronting Palatal – CH/J Fronting Palatal – SH Fronting Velars Gliding – All Gliding – L Gliding – R Initial Consonant Deletion Prevocalic Voicing Stopping of Fricatives – All Stopping of Fricatives – CH/J Stopping of Fricatives – F/V Stopping of Fricatives – S/Z Stopping of Fricatives – SH Stopping of Fricatives – TH Stridency Deletion


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 77.18 MB


Price: 18,86 €

Developed by Synapse Apps, LLC

Day of release: 2011-02-2

Recommended age: 4+

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