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"PIMPING" [pimp-ing] v. The Socratic method (and art) of posing a series of challenging clinical questions to medical students and residents. You know, ...

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"PIMPING" [pimp-ing] v. The Socratic method (and art) of posing a series of challenging clinical questions to medical students and residents. You know, that dreadful part of our education that can make you appear completely clueless or turn you into an academic superstar overnight. Well, what's the big deal about it? So, you've just started your clinical rotations. How do you begin to figure out what you will be responsible for knowing on rounds? Or maybe you've started your audition rotations for that super competitive residency position you've always dreamed of. Wouldn't it be nice to easily find out important topics to learn instead of hearing about them by word of mouth? Or you might already be a seasoned resident/attending that would like to keep on top of their "pimp" knowledge to torture future students with. Wouldn't it be GREAT if there was a resource we could all contribute to and learn from without having to carry around a bunch of books? What if... there was an electronic database of commonly asked clinical questions! Well, now there is! Welcome to Pocket Pimps. Pocket Pimps is the first and only crowdsourced clinical question bank that allows the medical community to share the most relevant clinical knowledge from a diverse range of medical specialties. Join our community today to begin browsing and sharing questions, now currently used by thousands of medical professionals. Membership is completely free! Things you can do on Pocket Pimps: • Browse multimedia pimp question flashcards submitted from users in up to 30 different medical specialties • Post your own pimp questions to build your own personal study guide, and share them with everyone in the community • Follow others whose questions you find useful • Earn and use points to view answers to questions. The more you contribute and interact, the more access you gain to new content! • Provide meaningful feedback by liking, disliking, or commenting flashcards based on their correctness and usefulness • Sort questions by popularity, difficulty level, or keyword search • Associate your questions with over 160 medical institutions in the United States • Bookmark your favorite questions for easy access later


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