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Pocket Reader

Pocket Reader is an application not to view but to read PDF documents. Because it is made especially for reading PDF files created from scanned book image, ...

Discontinued App

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Pocket Reader is an application not to view but to read PDF documents. Because it is made especially for reading PDF files created from scanned book image, there are some special features to read even on small device like iPhone or iPod touch. There is no doubt that iPad has advantages for reading. However iPad is large and heavy for carrying every day to read books on your spare time. On the other hand, iPhone and iPod touch is small enough to carry but their displays are small for reading. Pocket Reader has a functionality to scroll in a page with buttons for reading books comfortably. After setting both left and right margins, you can scroll the page from left to right and back to left with single button. If you view PDF files such as maps or pictures, it's easy to pinch in/out and swipe. But this operation may not suite for reading books. With Pocket Reader, you can set zoom scale and margins with pinch in/out and double tap. At the same time you can set the offset which is the first position to show new page when you turn to the next page. With this operation, you can read and scroll in a page with single button, and at the end of the page, just swipe and the next page is shown at selected offset position which is usually at the top of the page. Features 1. Developed for reading PDF which is made from the images scanned by image scanner 2. Support large size PDF like several hundreds MB file 3. Support left to right page curl for Japanese right side binding books besides right to left page curl 4. Support real book like page curl 5. Comfortable reading experience with page scroll using buttons 6. Since you can save zoom scale and offset position, you can load next page with the same zoom scale and offset. 7. PDF files are imported through iTunes (added on Ver.1.20), or downloaded through Google Docs. You can even export them through iTunes (added on Ver.1.21) 8. Real front cover image can be set if you select the book front cover image as PDF front cover 9. An image in photo library can be set as the book front cover (added on Ver.1.1) 10. Support password protected PDF 11. You can organize books by classification like literature, history or so on 12. Books can be sorted by title, author, classification, last viewed date and download date 13. Support Map Mode, which makes zoom in/out possible by double tapping Other features are set bookmark, jump to selected page, jump to bookmark page, stop rotation, selectable front cover and so on. **You can read the reference document before purchasing. Check "Pocket Reader Support" below.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.21

Size: 3.91 MB


Price: 2,99 €

Developed by MTD Project

Day of release: 2011-07-12

Recommended age: 4+

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