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This tour covers The Battle of Arnhem (A Bridge Too Far) the largest Airborne Campaign of all time. You can find out why it failed and hear stories of ...

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This tour covers The Battle of Arnhem (A Bridge Too Far) the largest Airborne Campaign of all time. You can find out why it failed and hear stories of the hero’s as well as understanding why the mistakes that were made arguably prolonged World War II by 9 months This tour has a lot of detail. To go through all of the stands will take around two days. Pocket Tours is a new iPhone application which brings history to life by using the full suite of functionality available on the Apple mobile platform. This app allows users to visit historical sites from the comfort of their armchair whilst hearing from world-renowned historians exactly what happened, who was involved and how history was shaped. It is also possible for those that have the opportunity to visit the place and be guided around whilst listening to the commentary and seeing where historic events took place through the live camera. Users can also view photographs, hear original sound clips and see film footage to further bring the scene to life. Pocket Tours is the world’s first battlefield tour app which is able to use all of the pioneering capability of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. “Imagine walking over the ground that shaped history and having an expert explain the events as they unfolded. The GPS feature guides users from point to point, utilising the knowledge of local historians to go to the best vantage points - making a tour of the battlefields accessible to anyone, anywhere at any time. Once downloaded, users don’t need internet access to use the app. They can just plug in their headphones and immerse themselves in the history. If you can’t get to the battlefield that’s fine - the app is still a fantastic story in its own right.” FEATURES NO INTERNET/3G CONNECTION REQUIRED - Designed for offline use so you don't need to pay for high overseas data charges. EXPERIENCED GUIDE - Our guides are experts. They bring to life what took place and describe what it was like on the ground when it was happening. It is much easier to understand how things happened when you see where they took place UP - TO - DATE - Obviously the historic tours don’t change as time passes. We are however always updating things and looking for more information to make the tours more interesting. AUGMENTED REALITY -Turn the phone on its side and look at the screen. The camera will show you a view with superimposed images showing where things took place and what they looked like at the time. NOTE: 1. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. 2. The GPS signal is very weak in areas with overhead cover. 3. The GPS signal is often weak inside a car. 4. Take a real map to make sure you know where you are. Don’t rely on the GPS alone. 5. Download a compass to help you to orientate yourself Be part of the experience… Pocket Tours is now available - download it and help us bring history to life. In Pocket Tours developments are ongoing all of the time and updates will be issued frequently. Please contact sales@pocket-tours.co.uk if you think of any improvements or if you want anything explaining.


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