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Pocket World

== Game Description ==
☆Classic Elf Pet Reproducing☆
-------------------------------------------------- Pocket World is a brand new elf theme ...

Discontinued App


== Game Description ==
☆Classic Elf Pet Reproducing☆
-------------------------------------------------- Pocket World is a brand new elf theme card battle game which integrated elf evolution, strategies development etc ,varied play methods in one single game.Hilarious funny story of evolution、varied cool skills will light your passion; The original fury unique skill will make you invincible.Pocket World integrated not only the classic playing method, like cards collection, elf development, Instance PK etc., but also the original pets advancement, research institution, union divination and other typical playing methods. It will make you experience different fun in our game!Hundreds of cute pets in the game ,where you will meet a variety of adorable elves、people and enjoy varied playing methods、pets developments. Upgrading and evolving the pets to build your fantastic pets team!== Game Features ==
★New Original Typical Playing Method★
Unique and Original dragon system mode, you can login this syatem through the activities after the dragon system is turned on. Once you login, varied dragons with different colors will be in front of you, they are roaring、soaring, seems like waiting for the arrival of the pilots. You don’t need to be afraid, you can own one of them with your extraordinary abilities and bulging pockets. You can occupy your dragon for 8 hours one time. In occupancy, you can choose ordinary or diamond routes. The difference between them is that you will cost gold coins to occupy your dragon in ordinary route and will obtain more gold coin in the process, just like you will cost diamond and will obtain more in diamond routes. However, the tree attracts the wind, we need to always watch out for those lurking predators around you. If you been robbed in less than an hour on the diamond route, then you will only get a one-hour basis gold coins. So, you had better be much careful!★Plenty combinations for choosing★
Hundreds of beautiful cards! Nearly a thousand species collocation of skills! Up to thousands of card combinations! You can configure your unique formation to defeat your rivals according to their formation features. There is no best formation, only better ones. Maybe you may find a new super pioneering combination, but still need to beware of the others come from behind!★ Delicate Painting Style★
All images in the cards are designed by the S-class master of arts personally, we fully take consideration of the every detail of the characters, all cards are ultra-high quality of 1080p, ...... Each card has its own special characteristic, every collection can enrapture you!★More Rewards Waiting For You★
We have prepared rich rewards for all the players in the game, you can easily get them as long as you come to play! You will be rewarded with the peak red card as you come, it is the top-level card in our game! Yes! I’m not joking! We also prepared other instance rewards including cards experience, gold coins, treasures experience, plenty of free rewards instance waiting for your coming! Exciting activities, the world's best gifts, powerful red cards, top-level equipments, classic pets are waiting for you to collect. Within open server activities、achievements、daily rewards、VIP rewards、online rewards, active rewards and other rewards systems , we have created a relaxed gaming environment for novices to be advanced players at once!== Contact Us ==
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Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.0

Size: 89 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Imagine Publishing

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