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******************************************************* Price Reduced for the Holiday Season!!! (You know you're going to play Poker with friends and ...

Discontinued App


******************************************************* Price Reduced for the Holiday Season!!! (You know you're going to play Poker with friends and family...take for what they're worth! :-) ******************************************************* Want to win at poker? Want to be in the money at tournaments? Want to take all of your friend's money at your weekly game? Then you need POKER FACE! POKER FACE is a feature-rich, multimedia reference guide that enables you to read people's "tells" during a poker game. In face-to-face communications roughly 55% of all communication is performed through body movement. With POKER FACE, you will be able to: - Read your opponent's bluff - Learn to read the table - Give fake tells to throw off other players - Understand pot odds - Learn poker lingo - Win money instead of lose money POKER FACE is your personal guide to understanding poker player's body language, and a crucial aid in helping you to take your game to the "next level." POKER FACE is designed to be the best reference guide to poker you've ever owned. Easy to follow videos show you what to look for in every aspect of game play. In addition, pictures and detailed explanations accompany every poker tell, so you know what to look for, and how to play every hand. Also included are guides to understanding odds, how to rank your hand, definitions of poker lingo (like "Button" and "The Nuts") and how to play based on table position. POKER FACE is everything you need to win, and win big. See you in Vegas!!!


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