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POLICE SERGEANT EXAMINATION ***** Advancing your career in law enforcement doesn't have to be a burden. We've created 225 Police Sergeant practice questions ...

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POLICE SERGEANT EXAMINATION ***** Advancing your career in law enforcement doesn't have to be a burden. We've created 225 Police Sergeant practice questions based off the most up-to-date review material available today. You deserve a promotion, now its time to show the world what you've got! Pocket Prep apps average 4.5 stars and deliver the most value for your hard-earned dollar. We believe in providing high quality yet affordable content to our users; tap “Developer info” below to see more of our celebrated apps! + CAPTURES ALL 2013 REQUIREMENTS + THOROUGH ANSWER RATIONALES Download to receive unlimited access to: -> 25 Community Policing -> 25 Principles of Supervision -> 25 Training and Safety -> 25 Principles of Mgmt. and Administration -> 25 Community Relations -> 25 Patrol Operations -> 25 Report Writing and Record Keeping -> 25 Data Interpretation -> 25 Police Science Principles ----------------------- ◈ 195 Total Sergeant's Practice Questions! ◈ 30 more FREE as a bonus inside! (225 total) PRIMARY APP FEATURES & FUNCTIONS EXAM MODE: This is the primary and default mode of the app. It allows you, the user, to take a practice test that you’ve customized to your needs. Navigation is clean, simple, and functional, and you’ll receive a complete detailed analysis of your results upon completion. The app will assign you a “Readiness level”, which will help you determine when you’re ready for the real thing. You can reference the app’s Exam History to see your performance improvements. STUDY MODE: This mode was designed to allow you to get instant feedback on your answer choices, making it perfect for study sessions. You can hit the “Info” button on each question to see the explanation at any time. Study mode isn’t tracked or scored, since the answers are available immediately. Sessions taken in this mode won’t appear in your Exam History. NO PESKY SERVERS: Many practice test apps push content to your device, which means you need internet to use the app. NOT US! Our data is stored locally in your app, which means you’ll never have to worry about internet connectivity. This also allows iTouch and non-cellular iPad users the freedom to roam and study without the need for Wi-Fi. Once you download our app, you’re good to go! SMART QUESTION GENERATION: Our app intelligently pulls questions from its database, no matter how you have it configured. It knows when you’ve answered a question, so you won’t see that question again until you’ve exhausted the entire test-bank! The app will also automatically recover an exam should your device power off. We’ve thought of everything to bring you the best testing experience possible! MORE FEATURES & FUNCTIONS - Complete practice test customization - Detailed scoring and results analysis - Timer toggle allows you to pace yourself - Exam history captures your past performance - Progress is saved as you go - No internet required to use the app - Direct contact to the Pocket Prep team - Facebook & Twitter integration THE POCKET PREP PROMISE We realize how one exam can stand in the way of your goals. We understand the importance of passing that major test and putting it behind you, once and for all. Pocket Prep is a small US-based company focused on providing premium quality study materials at the lowest possible cost. We promise that our material will prepare you for the real testing experience. Your success is our success, so download any of our premium content with confidence.


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