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Political Fury: Primary 2012 is the latest update to the premier politics app in the App Store! If you want to talk politics or current events, learn ...

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Political Fury: Primary 2012 is the latest update to the premier politics app in the App Store! If you want to talk politics or current events, learn about what's going on in the world, or just show off how much smarter you than those pesky Republicans/Democrats this is the place to do it! We have a ton of exciting new features and even more planned for the Election 2012 edition coming next summer so read below to find out more! ====================================== THE KNOWLEDGE BATTLE ✔ Establish which party is the smartest! ✔ Compete head-to-head online in American trivia. ✔ If you win you contribute points to your party’s global score! CUSTOM FORUMS ✔ Talk politics with the community. ✔ Custom-built for seamlessly integration! ✔ Subscribe to other players. ✔ Build your own following! ✔ Most active political forums on iOS (500+ posts daily)! EDITORIAL SECTION ✔ Original articles written specifically for the Political Fury community! ✔ Follow our contributors on Twitter for updates and random musings on The Knowledge Battle, current events, and politics. PRIMARY 2012 CENTER ✔ Learn about the 2012 Presidential candidates. ✔ Choose which candidate to support. ✔ Compete in The Knowledge Battle to show your candidate has the smartest supporters! OTHER FEATURES ✔ Universal Support ✔ Newsfeed updated daily with fresh articles ✔ Daily polls (vote in all 100+) ✔ Game Center Leaderboards & Achievements ✔ Take the Political Label Quiz! ✔ Facebook and Twitter integration ✔ 1200+ trivia questions ✔ Detailed stats on your performance ====================================== CUSTOMER REVIEWS John McGuinness - "As a high school government teacher I find this app to be one of the best... While playing games on the iPad is great, this app shows what this technology is capable of doing - helping to inform, educate, and elevate the debate. Something many (perhaps all) politicians and members of the media could learn." Centurion210jslantuniform - "This went from my OK games folder to my favorites" Tigress - "One of the most original apps in the app store! Gorgeous interface, fun game play, great concept." Holden2010 - "This is the most used app on my IPhone" Matthew Davis - "The trivia questions are well crafted making for an enjoyable, competitive experience." TheGarmac - "It's nice to see that both sides can compete in those mini games and do it in a civilized way." ====================================== TRIVIA QUESTIONS ★Last updated: 10/11/2011 ★Total Number of Questions: 1350 ====================================== PRESS and BEST RANKINGS ★ #1 Trivia Game in the App Store! ★ #1 Education Game in the App Store! ★ Only Game Featured in Apple's Election Center! AppAdvice (4/5 stars) - "Yes, it is addictive" 148Apps (4.5/5 stars) - "Political Fury is a fun distraction that gives you the chance for bragging rights should you be on the winning side." TouchArcade - "If you like trivia or have found yourself caught up in the pre-election drama, download Political Fury right away." PadGadget - "Political Fury’s head-to-head trivia was very addictive. As a news junkie, it was hard for me to put down." ====================================== GET THE LATEST POLITICAL FURY NEWS! Twitter.com/SuperBoise Facebook.com/SuperBoise YouTube.com/SuperBoiseStudio


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 13.92 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Super Boise

Day of release: 2011-02-2

Recommended age: 4+

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