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FULL VERSION: * #1 in Sweden and Finland on iPhone/iPad (Books) * Featured in "New and Noteworthy" at the AppStore * "Sweet English picture-book app ...

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FULL VERSION: * #1 in Sweden and Finland on iPhone/iPad (Books) * Featured in "New and Noteworthy" at the AppStore * "Sweet English picture-book app Pooki-Booki ..." Apps Playground.com in England praises the app in an article on the internet! * Rating 4 stars out of 5 (PappasAppar.se) * Rating 4 stars out of 5 (iPadnytt.se) Pooki-Booki is the result of a successful collaboration between Lullaby AB and Isa Form AB. The app is based on Isa Form’s ”picture pockets” that come with themes from the jungle, the forest and fairy tales. 

Our ambition with Pooki-Booki is that its bright colors and cute designs, together with animations and sounds, will awaken the child’s curiosity to click and learn new words. The app is primarily a picture book, in which the child can learn how to recognize figures, words and letters. As a parent you can make the app more personal by recording the words yourself. Or why not let an older sibling or the child do it? This is easily done within the app, and you can choose to save or change the recording as you wish. Next to the recording button, you will see an image accompanying each word. In other words, you don't have to be able to read in order to use this function. Default languages are Swedish and English. The app is interactive with animations, sounds and a narrator voice, all activated when the child clicks on different parts of the screen.
 Pooki-Booki is developed in Sweden and is available for both iPhone and iPad. 

Three picture books with one theme each: the jungle, the forest, and fairy tales 
A total of 60 pages (20 pages per book)
 A total of 30 animations (10 animations per book)
 Sounds accompanying all figures 
A narrator voice who reads aloud all the words in the books 
A recording function that lets you read the words yourself directly in the app
 Child-proof and straightforward menus
Contains no InApp purchases or ads

 Published and produced by: Lullaby AB © 2012, with project management by Cecilia Svensson 
Designed and illustrated by: Isabelle Norman Sällström, Isa Form Ltd © 2012
 Developer: Frostware Ltd
 Swedish speech: Elin Juhlin
 English speech: Vineeta Moraes 
Besides printed books and the Pooki-Booki app, Lullaby has published these popular apps: Wilda Pruttar, Wilda Pruttar HD, Wilma Farts and Wilma Farts HD. Visit our website www.lulla-by.se for more information. 
Feel free to step into this lovely picture book app with us!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.1

Size: 8.35 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Lullaby

Day of release: 2012-08-30

Recommended age: 4+

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