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This app – developed by Innis Maggiore, the nation`s leading agency in the practice of positioning – provides the principles of positioning ...

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This app - developed by Innis Maggiore, the nation’s leading agency in the practice of positioning - provides the principles of positioning in the mind. With principles laid out in articles, worksheets and quizzes, you too can quickly become a positionist®. Learn the origin of this business strategy by reading Jack Trout’s original article, discover the primary principles in play for determining your position, play with positioning with the bad slogan, good slogan, and positioning quizzes, and spend time in the worksheets to position your company, service, product… or even yourself. The positioning app has five modules: 1. Positioning - original Jack Trout article and current day definition of positioning 2. Principles - 3 tests to validate your position, 7 principles for discovering your position, 12 rules of positioning, and 5 tests of obviousness 3. Practice - bad slogan quiz, good slogan quiz and positioning test (interactive quizzes) 4. PositionistView® - the most recent positioning perspective articles written by Innis Maggiore, updated immediately upon publication 5. Position Your Company - worksheets (basic and advanced) that will help you discover your position plus Innis Maggiore’s famous “14 Ways to Differentiate” worksheet


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