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--IMPORTANT: THIS APP IS NOW BEING PHASED OUT. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW, UNIVERSAL, APPLICATION AT: http://bit.ly/1hSZ5Yo (OR SEARCH 'POSITIVE PENGUINS') ON THE APP STORE.-- **TOP 10 PAID EDUCATION APP PREVIOUSLY FEATURED IN OVER 10 COUNTRIES** If you want your child to be successful, teach them how to challenge their thinking. Positive Penguins is a fun educational app to help children learn to be more resilient and help them respond to the typical challenges they face everyday. It also helps parents work through these challenging situations with their child in a fun and non-confrontational way leading to a more positive outcome for both the parent and child. One of the most important tools to teach children is that they have a choice in how they feel about situations and that no one can make them feel a certain way. We feel the way we do based on our ‘self-talk’ (or thoughts) and if children can learn to listen to their self talk and challenge negative thinking on a regular basis, they will be more resilient and have more opportunities to flourish and develop into more successful and happy adults. The four positive penguins take you on an interactive journey to help you understand that feelings arise from your thinking and if you challenge your negative thoughts successfully you may be able to see things in a more realistic and even optimistic way. Positive Penguins is most effective when parents or teachers guide the child through the fun journey. Older children (8+ years) can also use the app alone easily. Parents and Teachers please like positive penguins on facebook for further information and resources Positive Penguins is a resilience strategy to teach all children and teenagers. FEATURES •Children learn that they choose how they feel •The app provides a basis for a parent and child to work through issues or problems a child may be facing in a fun and non-confrontational way •The app gives you the opportunity to help children develop their resilience and solve problems in a fun playful way •The sound can be turned on and off •Each challenge can be emailed to teachers or parents •There are no in-app purchases or advertisements •The app is fun, simple and easy to use •Children feel empowered by solving problems themselves •There is a fun game mode


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