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Power Map

Impress your Boss and your Sales Director sending him a PoWer Map of your Clients ! Power Map is an easy to use visual CRM tool for iPad useful to analyze ...

Discontinued App


Impress your Boss and your Sales Director sending him a PoWer Map of your Clients ! Power Map is an easy to use visual CRM tool for iPad useful to analyze B2B relationships. If you work with a lot of people from different companies and want to keep information about companies structures, employees, relationships with you and your company to analyze them and then plan new meetings - choose Power Map! Power Map involves new visual approach to design interactions with your current and future customers. Apply different colors and lines to show and analyze relationships with you and your company. Identify and show levels of influence of any employee in the company. Drag and drop and making organization chart is very easy. Power Map allow you to import information from Contacts app (phones, emails) and enrich them with social media links to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Xing, Viadeo to catch all relevant information about your customers. Edit notes and plan next actions during your meeting directly on the map. You can call or send emails to your customer directly from the app! Currently, there are two main parts of the app. First part is a heat map system with all visual information you need. Second part is a module to manage your Meeting Minutes, create reports and export them to your colleagues. Numerous other export options are available: PDF image of the map, reports for personal information and meetings, Power Map dashboard. MAIN FEATURES - New innovative VISUAL approach in customer relationship management - Log in / log off with a unique user and personal account - Create new client companies - Create new client organizations and define levels of decision - Drag and drop your contacts from your address book to your client organization - Draw hierarchical organization charts - Draw and qualify relationships between people within your clients organization - Draw and qualify relationships between you and your clients - Draw and qualify relationships with your competitors - Profile your clients and map their profile to social networks profiles - Assign social style to a client and analyze your clients on power map to take decision - Edit, save and generate high quality meeting minutes - Generate and send your minutes after each rendez-vous - Call and send email with a single tap directly from the app - Backup your power maps in single file and send it by email - Variety of exports: export PDF, export meeting minutes report, export personal information report, export Power Map dashboard.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2.1

Size: 16.31 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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