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Power Project

Power Project serves two purposes: 1.  It is used as a documents viewer.  It can be used to view a number of popular documents formats.  The supported ...

Discontinued App


Power Project serves two purposes: 1.  It is used as a documents viewer.  It can be used to view a number of popular documents formats.  The supported formats included Microsoft's Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Apple iWork's Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, PDF, Rich Text Format (RTF), Images, Text (TXT), and Comma-separated value (CSV) files. In this capacity, it provides tools to manage folders such as creating, deleting and files such as coping, moving, deleting.  It also provides methods for importing document files into your iPad.  Specifically, files can be imported easily into the iPad using your computer's Internet browser, using iTunes' File Sharing feature, import picture files directly from iPad's Photos app's library, and using "Open In..." feature to receive files attachment from email via the Mail app.  To reduce download time, the app can handle ZIP compressed files via email attachment.  It intelligently recognized it as compressed file and automatically decompressed to the designated folder. As a bonus, you can take a snapshot of your current viewing screen and either tweet it away, post it to your Facebook wall, or email it. 2.  The second purpose of Power Project is to address a specific environment.  Specifically, it allows you to present your document along with your voice to an audience so they can observe your presentation concurrently using either their iPads, Windows, or Mac computers.  The audience needed not be in the same room or office with your iPad.  Usage in these scenarios included in a classroom setting, a technology training session, a human resources information showing, a sales demonstration, a manager, an executive or boss sitting at an office and wanting to show and tell certain documents to his/her department heads across offices. The new One On One mode allows you to present your document with another peer. The other peer can use either the Power Project or Power Project Lite version on an iPad. The iPad on your peer will receive your document presentation, voice, and video images pickup from your iPad's built-in microphone and camera. In return, your iPad will receive voice and video images from your peer.  These presentation features required that all devices must be connected to the same network as the presenting iPad.


Technical specifications

Version: 4.00

Size: 3.03 MB


Price: 22,72 €

Developed by David Phan

Day of release: 2012-02-29

Recommended age: 4+

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