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"Power of Attorney" is the second offering of our Legal Form App series. This form is designed to provide a durable financial power of attorney form from ...

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"Power of Attorney" is the second offering of our Legal Form App series. This form is designed to provide a durable financial power of attorney form from your iPhone or iPad.  A financial power attorney grants powers over your assets to an agent (also known as an attorney-in-fact).  A durable power of attorney is one that survives mental incapacity of the principal. Through a series of concise questions, we collect the necessary information about your desires for the creation of a basic financial power of attorney form. The information is then sent to our secure server where your power of attorney document is created in both PDF and RTF formats.  RTF is an editable document for use in Microsoft Word, TextEdit, etc. Your documents are created in seconds and the PDF is available to download direct to your iphone/ipad. In addition we will email a copy of the PDF and RTF documents to a requested address. With the exception of a specific support requests, Legal Form Apps does not store or maintain any personal information on our servers beyond 24 hours. For use only in the 50 US States and District of Columbia. The types of powers one may grant to an agent with our app are:   *To buy and sell all property (including real estate) owned in whole or part by the principal; *To use all credit cards issued in the name of the principal; *To conduct all "banking" business including withdraw from, deposit to, open, and close all bank, savings, and brokerage accounts owned by the principal; *To operate any business venture owned by the principal; *To direct the investment of all of principal's assets; *To enter into contracts on the principal's behalf; *To borrow money on the principal's behalf; *To make contributions and withdrawals from all of principal's retirement accounts and including IRAs and 401(k)s; and *To make all tax elections to which the principal is entitled. *To hire professionals to conduct any of the above activities. *To make gifts.   This is not an exclusive list.  The POA forms created by our system are state specific. Disclaimer No attorney-client relationship is established by use of our legal form apps and the user is not to rely upon any information found anywhere on the app. Our apps and the legal forms they create are sold on an "as is" basis with no warranties or guaranties. Please contact a local attorney licensed to practice law in your state for assurances that any legal form is proper for your intended use.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5.2

Size: 2.46 MB


Price: 2,56 €

Developed by Cybermill

Day of release: 2012-10-10

Recommended age: 4+

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