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Labeled the "Swiss Army Knife for practice" by Atlanta Symphony Tubist Michael Moore in his 5-Star review, the Practice-Center is the premier iPad app ...

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Labeled the "Swiss Army Knife for practice" by Atlanta Symphony Tubist Michael Moore in his 5-Star review, the Practice-Center is the premier iPad app for improving and becoming more efficient in your practice and musical preparation. Start your PRACTICE TIMER for 5 minutes. Next, set a METRONOME tempo and play a Samba DRUM LOOP while focusing on tuning up a Dorian Scale exercise with TUNING DRONES giving you a Perfect 5th based on concert pitch G4. Now switch on the VIDEO VIEWER to check your embouchure as you play, and use the AUDIO RECORDER to record the exercise that will later be sent using the built-in Email capability for your private teacher to evaluate. All this in a single app, operating seamlessly so you can do what you need to do...INCREASE EFFICIENCY IN MUSICAL PREPARATION. PRACTICE CENTER - the All in One ESSENTIAL iPad Tool for EVERY MUSICIAN! Jam packed with functionality, Practice Center gives you the capability to do all this on ONE SCREEN, able to run SIMULTANEOUSLY, with the reliability, accuracy and usability you’ve come to trust from the developers at Cal30 Solutions with the popular Metronome-Plus and Scale-Master iPhone/iPod/iPad apps. FULL FEATURED METRONOME Built on the same rock-solid timing engine as our Metronome-Plus, this metronome has: - Complex rhythmic patterns - Visual beat queues - Clear audible sounds - Downbeat chimes - Configurable beats per measure DRUM LOOPS Drum loops are excellent when you just want something more engaging than a tick tick ticking metronome. We've added to the already solid beat pattern library found in our Metronome-Plus app. Practice Center has 8 distinctive drum loop patterns: - Rock (3) - Swing (2) - Funk - Latin (2) TUNING DRONES We took the same, rich tones used in our Scale-Master app, and placed them right on the main screen where you can use them while using the metronome or drum loops, while recording video or audio. Drones have long used in cello studios and more recently in wind studios; our drones can be calibrated up or down a full half-step. Intervals are automatically tuned using “Just” intonation so students can practice intonation ear training on their own. PRACTICE TIMER Using shorter practice segments controlled by an egg timer is an often suggested way to ensure effective use of practice time. Practice Center gives you a Timer that will allow you to set your own limits...from 1 second, up to 9hrs, 50mins and 59secs (because we felt 10hrs was just a bit too much ;-) STOP WATCH Need a stop watch for working on speed drills or long tone exercises? We give you a Stop Watch right on the screen. VIDEO DISPLAY with VIDEO RECORDING A mirror is great, but you can't play an etude and watch what is going on at the same. With Practice Center, we solved this by giving you a video display (when you just want a mirror) but you can also record for later full-screen playback. Now you can watch what is happening when you are focused on the music...not just the "mirror". AUDIO RECORDING We give you an easy to use audio tool to Record, Save, Playback, Pause (during record or playback) and Email capability. Use recordings for immediate feedback, record examples for your students, or have your students send in assignments using the built-in Email capability.


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