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FREE Topics Included. Choose from: PRAXIS 2 Exam JUMBLE, PRAXIS 2 Exam REVIEW, and PRAXIS 2 Exam QUIZ. EXAMBUSTERS PRAXIS 2 prep flash cards . . . the ...

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FREE Topics Included. Choose from: PRAXIS 2 Exam JUMBLE, PRAXIS 2 Exam REVIEW, and PRAXIS 2 Exam QUIZ. EXAMBUSTERS PRAXIS 2 prep flash cards . . . the ultimate PRAXIS 2 study guide in an app! *** Have fun solving the "PRAXIS 2 JUMBLE" puzzle. Flash card answer side is shown--you guess the question from up to ten jumbled letters. *** Take a 10-question PRAXIS 2 Quiz--different flash cards shown each time. Store scores to mark your progress. *** Review fundamental PRAXIS 2 flash cards. Study cards one by one in sequence and eliminate them from the stack once you've learned them. Includes definitions, formulas, and sample problems--concepts you need to know to test well. *** "Search" tool helps you find key PRAXIS 2 exam terms quickly ===================== *** FRENCH GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY: Over 1500 questions and answers. Essential French grammar and vocabulary you need to know to test well. TOPICS: Simple Phrases, Sentence Word Order, Imperatives, Prepositions, Agreement of Articles, Adjectives, and Nouns; Comparisons, Pronouns, Vocabulary, Irregular Verbs, and much more! *** SPANISH GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY: Over 2100 questions and answers. A review of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and phrases. TOPICS: Grammar: Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Definite Articles, Indefinite Articles, Adverbs, Prepositions, Prepositional Phrases, Conjunctions, Idioms, True and False Cognates; Vocabulary: Calendar, Family, Food, Home, Clothing, Numbers, Occupations, Education, Animals, Synonyms, Antonyms; Phrases: Greetings, Hotel, Weather, Food, Money, Shopping, Doctor; Regular, Irregular, and Reflexive Verbs *** GERMAN VOCABULARY: Over 1100 questions and answers. TOPICS: Sports, Shopping, Entertainment, Hobbies, Plant Life, Animals, Weather, Dining Out, Sightseeing, Transportation, Currency, At Customs, Travel, Safety, Health, Adjectives, Time, People, Fundamental Words, Meeting New People, Numbers, Events, Calendar, Hotel and Lodging, Home, Office, Outdoors, Buildings, Technology, Personal, Relationships, Occupations, Verbs, Government, Religion, Education, Simple Phrases and much more! ===================== "EXAMBUSTERS PRAXIS 2 Prep Flash Cards" provide comprehensive, fundamental PRAXIS 2 review--one fact at a time--to prepare students to take practice PRAXIS 2 exams. Each course in the PRAXIS 2 Prep App provides a quick and easy, focused review. Reviewing PRAXIS 2 flash cards is the first step toward more confident PRAXIS 2 exam preparation and ultimately, higher PRAXIS 2 scores!


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