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2015 RAMADAN KAREEM TO ALL OUR VISITORS. Pray With Me is a universal salat app, with a collection of some unique and everyday tools that are needed in ...

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2015 RAMADAN KAREEM TO ALL OUR VISITORS. Pray With Me is a universal salat app, with a collection of some unique and everyday tools that are needed in a 'all-in-one-salat-app'. An ideal aid during Ramadan 2015. PLUS Pray With Me its like having your own personal Imam, to lead, and vocalise the salat and for you, as you follow and perform that salat*. Allowing you to learn at your own time and pace. It also helps you learn and increase the number of surah's you can call upon and recite after surah Fatiha during salat. (NOTE: YOU MUST MAKE A SURAH SELECTION FOR RAKAT 1 AND RAKAT 2 BEFORE PRESSING THE PLAY BUTTON OTHERWISE THERE WILL BE NO PLAYBACK AND Pray With Me Lite has only 6 surah's to select from and other features are limited). WHAT DO YOU GET Full vocal recital of the 5 daily salats with a choice of over 40 different surahs to choose from: Salat times: Qibla compass: Islamic and Gregorian calendar: How to guides: Your daily salat with illustrations: Eid salat: Janaza salat, Tahajjid salat: Salat Al-Istikhara: Unique sleep function to fall asleep to while listening and learning surah's. Illustrated Wudu and Ghusl guide. WHO IS THIS APP FOR Suitable for all: reverts, children, teenage's, newbies and and experienced alike those who want to learn more and ensure they are reciting the essentials correctly. Especially also useful for those have difficulty remembering longer Arabic verses. FEATUERS IN MORE DETAIL • Pray With Me recites, at an audible level the complete salat, also those parts that are normally recited in silence. Essential when one is learning how to pray or wishes to perfect their salat, or when its is used to check that all is being pronounced and recited correctly (a major consideration when Arabic is not your first language). • Selectable audio rendition of the five daily salats (Fard, Sunnah and Witr) • Select a rakat and choose from over ;40 Surahs and Du'as to listen and recite after surah Fatiha - either while performing salat or while using the sleep function. • Illustrated salat guide with translation and transliteration, and section by section control over vocal playback of complete salat • Salat times with Sunrise and Sunset times - fully configurable to different standards • Qibla compass • Tahajjid salat (Night prayer) • Salat Al-Istikhara. (Guidance salat) • Eid salat • Janaza (funeral) salat • Gregorian and Islamic calender dates • Unique sleep function: listen to a selection of surahs of your choice as you drift of to sleep, the volume of the playback reduces as is near the end of your selected time • Illustrated Wudo and Ghusl guides, with translation and transliteration • What to recite and pray after completing your salat Surahs and Du'as (supplications) with translation and transliteration, and control over vocal playback • Ayat Ul-Kursi (The Throne) • Qu'a-E-Qunoot (Standing) and many more ***** PLEASE NOTE: If you find any errors, issues, bugs, or have difficulty configuring prayer times: Please contact us via email, we cannot assist you if you just post a negative review, regarding use or configuration issue. By contacting us we can address your issue directly with you. Email us at: ***** ** This app is not meant to be used as a replacement to the prescribed sunnah of how salat is performed. Only to be used as a teaching/learning tool. NOTE: iPod touch users the qibila compass part of this app, because iPod touch does not have a built in compass component.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.5.3

Size: 17.41 MB


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Developed by Pray With Me

Day of release: 2013-04-11

Recommended age: 4+

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