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Pre-School Phonic Crosswords

Excellent learning app for children aged 3 ½ -5 ½ yrs. Five fun levels of simple crosswords which use phonic letter sounds. Children earn points and can ...

Discontinued App


Excellent learning app for children aged 3 ½ -5 ½ yrs. Five fun levels of simple crosswords which use phonic letter sounds. Children earn points and can unlock prizes for completing each level. Designed with teachers & early childhood development experts. Customers can sign up for FREE printable pack of crosswords. *UK English Voice Over* Over 100 simple crossword puzzles aimed to help pre-schooler/kindergarten age children identify and learn phonic letter sounds, helping them prepare for reading while having fun. Designed and validated with teachers and early childhood development experts. All puzzles use UK English phonic letter sound pronunciation. Puzzles are provided with visual picture clues and children can use a simple ‘help’ function to make the puzzles easier to complete if required. NO adverts or in app purchases, just one price for the full game. Children are encouraged to play and learn by updating their score board with points earned for each completed word. Once a level is achieved the child can unlock a prize. Parents can sign up for a FREE crossword activity pack. This is a short educational pack of animal themed crosswords which can be printed at home to compliment the learning objectives of this App. You can use this pack to encourage your child to work through letter sounds and writing practise with a pen and paper. Game Features; Level 1 Single 3 letter word puzzles, simple short single word puzzles as cat, map, pen Level 2 Double 3 letter word puzzles, adding a level of complexity by having two words which share a common letter such as box and fox. Level 3 Single 4 letter word puzzles, slightly longer words with mixture of single letter and blended letter sounds, such as pond and ship. Level 4 Number word puzzles, completion and recognition of the written words for numbers one to ten. Level 5 Free letter and word play, child can select letters to hear their sound and create their own words such as write their name Hall of Fame Fun reward screen where the child can unlock prizes for each completed level. At Pre-School Apps Academy we are focussed on delivering entertaining apps which are aligned with the objectives of early years education. This app is based on the core learning objective of letter identification and recognition of phonic sounds, this is a key building block in the process of learning to read. Check out our other Apps such as ‘Pre-School Classroom’, a fun learning app which is focussed around the learning objectives of early years reading, writing and numeracy. For more information and resources visit www.preschoolappsacademy.com or contact us via support@preschoolappsacademy.com .


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 20.94 MB


Price: 1,79 €

Developed by The Pre School Apps Academy

Day of release: 2012-08-7

Recommended age: 4+

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