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Congratulations! You just found out that you`re pregnant and you`re thrilled! You can`t wait to experience the progression of ...

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Congratulations! You just found out that you’re pregnant and you’re thrilled! You can’t wait to experience the progression of that beautiful little baby growing inside you. This application gives you all the exciting details and important facts you’ll need to know during your pregnancy. Developed by parents for parents, together with leading Health Care Professionals. 5 Star Pregnancy App! ... ... ... ... ... ... Beautifully crafted images ... Weekly pregnancy information ... Due date calculator ... Kick counter ... Contraction timer ... Baby size visualizer ... Food guide ... Belly photo gallery ... Star sign facts ... Facebook & Twitter integration ... Baby shopping lists ... 1000s baby names ... Personal diary ... When to call the doctor ... (Early) Signs of labor. As a family business we also feel it’s important to give something back to less fortunate children and babies in the world. Read more about this on our website Consistently well rated application ... ... ... ... ... --- Love it! - Carlos N - United States --- This app is informative, interesting, and well personalised... I love it! Thanks for making me smile every morning when I check in on my and my baby's progress :) --- Brilliant! - Amy Louise - United Kingdom --- Well worth the money - after downloading 2 pages full of pregnancy apps this BY FAR is my fav! It's personal, pictures are FAB! Advice is great.... Also has a list of baby names..... If your expecting - this is defo the app for you


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