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★AppAble: Overall, this is a fantastic little app for the price - just 99¢ ( ★ "It is easy to use and very ...

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★AppAble: Overall, this is a fantastic little app for the price - just 99¢ ( ★ "It is easy to use and very clean" •Present a Choice is an app designed to help a parent or caregiver quickly present a set of choices to a special needs or young child. Great for when a child is upset and having more trouble verbalizing. •This app will give both typical children and children with developmental disabilities a voice. It gives them a chance to be an individual, and to express their own wants and needs. •A parent, therapist, doctor, or caregiver would create a set of choices on the phone, allowing 2, 3, or 4 options. Each choice has a picture and a line of text below it. Create a set of choices on the iPhone or iPod, and then hand the device to the child or patient. They tap which one they would like, and show you. Features: ✔ 2, 3, or 4 options per choice ✔ Picture for every choice option ✔ Line of text for every option ✔ Save choices ✔ Stock images are included ✔ Take photos from within the app ✔ Choose from photo library Benefits: •Taking a photo from within the app makes this app perfect for on-the-go situations, like when at the store and trying to decide which snack your child would like better. With this app, you can quickly ask your non-verbal child. •This makes it much easier for an autistic child to understand the choices and options available to them in a given situation, being able to see a visual of each option and text as well as being told the options. •Each choice is infinitely reusable, and you can edit them after you create them as well. A small amount of stock photos are available, and there will certainly be more in the future as well. •This app reinforces repetitive communication, and encourages expressive language. This is fantastic when trying to get your autistic child to come out of their shell.


Technical specifications

Version: 001

Size: 911 KB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Megan Holstein

Day of release: 2012-06-13

Recommended age: 4+

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