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Priority Mindset

*This month it's available at a special introductory price of $.99.* Priority Mindset should be utilized to accomplish your biggest and most important ...

Discontinued App


*This month it's available at a special introductory price of $.99.* Priority Mindset should be utilized to accomplish your biggest and most important life goals. Do you want to start a new career? Do you want to start a business? Priority Mindset helps you prioritize your goals and lay the stepping stones towards accomplishing your most desirable goals, attaining a higher purpose, and emerging from a mundane daily routine. The Four Quadrants With approximately 168 hours in a week, there should be plenty of time to succeed in accomplishing your goals; however, you can start to feel stressed and pressed for time when you use it for unproductive activities. Diligently planning each day, prioritizing your goals, and focusing on your most important tasks rather than the less urgent ones are the keys to exceptional time management. Priority Mindset provides 4 customizable quadrants. Quadrant 1 - Now and Critical - Crisis, deadline-driven project, medical emergencies, a sick child. Quadrant 2 - Later and Critical - Planning, reading , exercise, recognizing new opportunities, vacation, long-term planning, working on a project due at a later date, relationship building, personal development, working towards goals Quadrant 3 Now and Not Critical - Various interruptions/distractions, Facebook updates, some meetings, certain emails and phone calls, minor pressing matters, activities you enjoy Quadrant 4 Later and Not Critical - Trivia, busy work, mindless web surfing, junk mail, activities that just waste time This app includes 10 useful features: - Prioritize task (the only app in iTunes with a built-in formula to individually prioritize all task). - Categorize task into quadrant. - Master list and the ability to create other list gives you a tool to separate your task in customize catergories. - Easily Email task (prioritized or non prioritized task) - Task progress indicator - Built in timer, that helps you focus on the task at hand. - Easily save future task in the bucket list. - Tag active task that can be viewed separately from non active task. - Timer feature, for non task activity like going for walk, lunch, etc. - Color coded progress indicator that easily identifies overall progress achieved at any time. This version includes a free time and management technique eBook to help you prioritize your personal vision and goals. (Method used by most successful people)


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