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While we work on our update for iOS 7. PLEASE download our new product eKneeBoard. create a free user account and get the chart subscription for the ...

Discontinued App


While we work on our update for iOS 7. PLEASE download our new product eKneeBoard. create a free user account and get the chart subscription for the state of your choice for free, for life time. (no US pick a state you may train in) Our PRIVATE PILOT GROUND SCHOOL provides all the tools you need to successfully pass the FAA knowledge test and check ride. It will walk you through process of earning your Private Pilot certificate. Find out why many of the nation's largest commercial flight schools have chosen AnywhereEducation aviation training materials to power their ground school! Watch engaging video lessons that explain difficult concepts clearly and easily. Tap a button and jump to the related pages in the included FAA publications automatically. Take an interactive quiz after each lesson to make sure that you have mastered the material. Dump the bag full of books -- Start training the mobile way you work now! The course gives you a proven roadmap that shows you what to do in each lesson, what to read, what videos to watch and what quizzes to take. TRY before you buy: This free version contains 4 Lessons, 1 exam and the full library of FAA publications for your permanent use. The full course is a complete ground school with 45 lessons over 19 hours of training. We have completely re-published the course with updated graphics, improved narration and over 40 helpful animations to make your learning journey clear, fun and interesting. The course helps lock in your knowledge with a directly related quiz after each lesson. Instead of being the kind of quiz you dread, our quizzes are informative and HELPFUL -we provide links to an explanation of the answer, a button to pull up the correct page of the FAA reference covering the answer, and a powerful "review" button that transports you back into the video to the moment where the topic was discussed. Now that’s learning! The full course may be purchased with a couple of taps via in-app purchase, through your participating flight school, or online at our website. Download this app now and start saving money on ground training and propel yourself ahead of the pack. With the content in this course, you'll be a better, safer and more confident pilot. TOPICS INCLUDED IN THE FULL PRIVATE PILOT COURSE: Pilot Training Outline, Human Factors, Airplanes, Power Plant, Fuel, Oil and Cooling, Propellers, Electrical System Basics, Aircraft Electrical System, Flight Instruments, Instrument Indications & Errors, Aerodynamic 4 Forces, Aerodynamics Stability, Aerodynamics of Maneuvering Flight, Safety of Flight, Airports, Airspace, Aeronautical Chart Basics, Reading Aeronautical Charts, Radio Communications and ATC, Sources of Flight Information, Basic Weather Theory, Weather Theory-Winds, Stability, Clouds & Precipitation, Visibility, Fog & Air Masses, Weather Patterns, Weather Hazards, Regulations for All Pilots FAR 61 (A), Regulations for Student Pilots FAR 61 (C), Regulations for Private Pilots FAR 61 (E), Part 91:(A)(B) Flight Rules, Part 91:(C)(D)(E) Equipment & Special Flight Operations, NTSB 830, Printed Weather Reports and Forecasts, Graphic Weather Products, Weather Forecasting, Sources of Weather Information, Weight and Balance, Performance Basics, Performance Charts, Flight Computers, Pilotage and Dead Reckoning, Radio Navigation, Aeromedical Factors, Aeronautical Decision Making, VFR Flight Planning. All content is resident on your iPad/iPhone. You don't need an Internet connection to view the lessons, take the quizzes, or read the handbooks. * Several Major US Universities use our courseware in their Aeronautics Programs. * Many large flight schools use our courseware in their Career Pilot Training Programs. * Dozens of small to mid sized flight schools use our courseware. * Ask your flight school today to join our approved schools program.


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