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ProCamPlus HD is made specifically for your iPad and iPad 2. Unlike some Apps out there, Our Apps have absolutely NO advertising or annoying popup windows! Just ...

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ProCamPlus HD is made specifically for your iPad and iPad 2. Unlike some Apps out there, Our Apps have absolutely NO advertising or annoying popup windows! Just as solid as it's younger brother for the iPhone "ProCamPlus" , it is not a game, it is an industrial strength live video streaming application that will enable you to configure multiple cameras to stream live video from as many computers as you want including Windows and MACs, All at the SAME TIME! ProcamPlus HD is a cost effective, industrial strength live video and audio streaming application that will enable you to view, control and configure your own desktop camera. In fact you can setup an UNLIMITED number of cameras to stream from multiple PCs and laptops in various locations. You now have the ability to have your iPad view your installed USB webcam feeds from anywhere in the world thu WIFI, LAN, CDMA or 3G. You can add an unlimited number of webcams from different PCs or MACs We take security seriously. There is no account to setup, none of your private webcam feeds will ever be intercepted without somebody knowing the secure password and port configuration that goes into you iPad App. ProcamPlus HD features the capability to save the video and audio streams to your desktop computer with the push of a button on your App. that way none of your iPad memory space is ever used. Wherever your USB webcam is installed and running from, ProcamPlus HD will enable your iPad to have the ability to view an unlimited number of webcams that YOU setup, retrieve your full recorded list of recorded videos from each individual webcam and replay them on demand right from your iPad. Take still snapshots of the LIVE videos or your pre-recorded ones to be saved in your iPad's gallery or to be emailed anywhere. This amazing application works on the iPad's 3G, CDMA and definitly thru a WIFI connection as well. Unlike other applications out there, this application does not require any kind of monthly membership or website account creation, It has absolutely no advertising, Just download this quick App, configure your desktop computer with our free software and go! Our FREE PC or MAC server software is required to enable your USB webcam to communicate securely to your iPad over WIFI, LAN, CDMA or 3G. Download it to as many PCs or MACs as you want. It's a free download from our website here Isn't it time we had an APP that does what it claims and has no monthly fees, just a one time purchase ! Start viewing an unlimited number of cameras. It is compatible with the iPad's WIFI, CDMA and 3G service The FREE server software runs on INTEL based Mac OS X and Windows machines, so sky's the limit. Notice: We are always here to help so email us anytime at or visit our support site below.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.52

Size: 1.99 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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