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The Professional Coach is a practical tool you can use when coaching technical and business professionals in organisations. If you are coaching or developing ...

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The Professional Coach is a practical tool you can use when coaching technical and business professionals in organisations. If you are coaching or developing people in areas such as Marketing, IT, Finance, HR, Legal, Sales or other technical professionals in your company then this App is a fabulous tool/resource for you. * Aim of the app: This app was created by consultants from DTC Ltd, who earn a living from developing and coaching people. We developed this approach to use ourselves and we have introduced it to many coaching sessions to great effect. There is no question that, when used properly, it will: - Help you improve the quality of your coaching sessions - Help you structure a coaching assignment - Improve the depth and quality of a coaching discussion - Help you raise difficult questions in a non-threatening way - Help build your professionalism as a coach - Ensure your discussions remain grounded in the reality of business life. The issues here are practical not theoretical - Save you considerable time in creating follow up notes - Help the people you are coaching to make real process and to really value the support you give them * Features: - 6 themed suits, each containing 13 ‘Challenge Statement’ cards - Suits: Strategic Orientation, Change, Self Awareness, Professional Profile, Delivery and Impact and Key Relationships - Please note that this app shares three suits with our 'Leadership Coach' app. The suits in common are Strategic Orientation, Change and Self Awareness - Use the app to structure your coaching session - Pick a suit then sort the statements into ‘comfortable’ and ‘uncomfortable’ piles - View Coaching Sheets that provide background info and prompts for each card - Bookmark a Coaching Sheet to email at the end of the session - Add objectives / Action Points as you go - Check your sorting history - Review your sorted cards and group them together during your discussion - Email the outcomes of the session (sorting history, objectives and any bookmarked cards as a pdf) - View extensive help files for instruction and assistance - Change settings for background, onscreen prompts and help overlays * More: - View the instructional video on YouTube - View DTC’s website - Email the authors - Join our community * Support: We pride ourselves on providing excellent user support. For support you can email us at andy@development-training.com or check out our website at www.development-training.com * Connect with us: facebook.com/pages/DTC-Development-Training-Company-Ltd/161986460483599 twitter.com/dtctweet * Partners: This app was developed by White Orca Ltd. 0845 3055 722 www.whiteorca.co.uk


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