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Make money with your phone Scan any barcode to find out how much profit you can make if you sell the item on Amazon. Profit Bandit uses a 15-factor profit ...

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Make money with your phone Scan any barcode to find out how much profit you can make if you sell the item on Amazon. Profit Bandit uses a 15-factor profit calculator to provide the most accurate profit figure, including postage rates and FBA fees. The #1 scanning app for any Amazon Seller. No calculations on your part are necessary and it's very easy to use. Don't pay $50/month for overpriced FBA scouting apps - Profit Bandit provides virtually identical functionality for a fraction of the price. It's the best-value Amazon scouting app on iTunes You WILL make the money back that you spent on this app. Guaranteed. FEATURES: • Bluetooth scanner support (requires additional In-app Purchase) • 'Sell It' button takes you directly to the Amazon page to list your item for sale • One-handed scouting: shake the phone to scan • Highlights Amazon's offer • Quickly switch between the Amazon webpage and the standard Profit Bandit view for the item • Tap any seller to base your profit from • Profit & SalesRank alerts: vibrate phone when profit is above a specified amount or Rank is below a certain number • Show Net Profit ($) or Profit Margin (%) • Use ZBar (built-in to Profit Bandit) or Pic2Shop for camera scanning • Supports Amazon USA, UK, CA, FR and DE • Search CamelCamelCamel, eBay, Pricegrabber and others directly from the app (tap the title) • Search by barcode or keywords • Scan History (export to spreadsheet function available) • Buy List: Add the item to your "Buy List" within the app, then send the spreadsheet file (CSV) to yourself as an email attachment • Offline scanning • Amazon web view • See an itemized list of the profit calculation if you click the profit amount • Display weight and SalesRank If you're an FBA seller Profit Bandit calculates all the FBA fees for you and even lets you input your custom inbound shipping rate to give you an even more accurate profit calculation. Even if you're not an FBA seller Profit Bandit uses USPS Postage Rates (or Royal Mail for UK) and Amazon Marketplace fees to calculate a precise profit figure. Potential uses: • Scan clearance and closeout items • Pick out the most valuable items at a garage sale or thrift store • Resellers can instantly assess the value of an item • Scan every item in your house or business to scout potential profit Profit Calculation Factors: • Pro Merchant savings • Postage Rates (USPS media mail/1st class/parcel post, Royal Mail for UK) • Amazon Variable closing fee • Amazon Referral Fee • Amazon Fixed Closing Fee • Amazon Shipping credit (non-FBA) • FBA Order handling fee • FBA Pick & Pack fee • FBA Oversize fee • FBA Zero Fee Fulfillment (over $300) • FBA Weight handling fee • FBA 30-day Storage Fee • FBA Shipping Rate (user provided) • Your cost to purchase item (user provided) • Auto-calculated sell price on Amazon (based on lowest price & condition - this can also be set to be based on the lowest FBA price) PLEASE CONTACT THE DEVELOPER if you encounter any problems or have any questions. We are committed to providing a bug-free experience to our users. Also, please send us any features you'd like to see in the app. The most popular suggestions will be incorporated into future versions.


Technical specifications

Version: 9.32

Size: 4.03 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by SellerEngine Software, Inc.

Day of release: 2011-10-17

Recommended age: 4+

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