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Profitect`s Profit Amplification software, a pattern-seeking solution, enables retailers to quickly realize increased revenue and reduced costs ...

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Profitect’s Profit Amplification software, a pattern-seeking solution, enables retailers to quickly realize increased revenue and reduced costs across the entire retail supply chain. Profit Amplification pattern-seeking algorithms can “tell a story” by identifying the root cause of anomalies such as inventory distortion, on-shelf availability, shrink/waste/damage, or process non-compliance - helping retailers minimize the effort necessary to identify controllable factors which the solution translates into action. As a result, retailers can move quickly to prevent profit leakage at all levels of the organization, ultimately improving business processes and the top and bottom line. The Profitect mobile field App provides similar features and all the same benefits, but in an easy-to-use, on the go application. You can view all of your stores’ activities in real-time, on the go. Capture notes, images, and videos, while on the sales floor, and attach them for further investigation, without having to go back to your office. Create and manage more effective store visits with the ability to scan barcodes and get detailed, real-time product information (including KPI's) in that store. Built in audit checklists allow you to quickly capture PASSFAIL with comments. With the drill down tools you can gain insights into store, department, and class level and create new opportunities on site. The easy-to-use tools allow for a quick start to an unscheduled visit. No need to go back to the office to check your inbox. Search, view, and edit opportunities and visits in an intuitive Inbox built into the app. Additional features include: - Display advanced KPI's with Top 5 offenders - View ranking of entities based on their benchmark - Show any custom attribute available for a store - Identify social rating for stores including comments - Ability to follow individual Stores or Cashier to collect evidence over time and track on a daily basis - Map synchronization and location positioning will show you other stores around you


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Version: 3.2.0

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