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Would you like to instantly evaluate your software project in terms of its quality? Would you like to pin point the exact source of issues in quality ...

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Would you like to instantly evaluate your software project in terms of its quality? Would you like to pin point the exact source of issues in quality in your software project? Would you like to prevent quality issues from suddenly propping up in your software project? If yes, ProjQA audit is the application for you to self assess your software project. Within five minutes, by answering questions across five areas, ProjQA audit shall tell you your overall quality rating against benchmarked best practices. ProjQA Audit helps you assess the quality of your software project. Whether you are a project member or a project manager or from senior management, enter what you feel is the appropriate answer for each of the assessment questions. Complete all five sections to get an assessment of overall quality for the project. You will be provided with a list of areas to focus on based on the current state of quality The five areas against which ProjQA audit will assess software quality in your project is as follows: •Validation (Testing) refers to quality control through testing as opposed to the area of verification (reviews). A robust validation practice would mean an independent testing team uses formal test case design techniques for completing testing for which enough time is provided for, maintaining traceability all the while. Testing is not treated as a rush job, though there may be times when corners may be cut. •Verification (Reviews) refers to quality assurance through reviews as opposed to the area of validation (testing). A robust verification practice simply means every stage is reviewed before one proceeds to the next stage of development. Thus, requirements are signed off, code is reviewed, design is reviewed and test cases are reviewed. This is possible in Agile projects too where reviews are more informal. Formality is not as important as the actual practice itself. •Defect prevention is the systematic process to ensure defects are prevented, not merely detected. Defect prevention is ensured through first effective defect data collection, followed by root cause analysis. Once analyzed, technology and process improvements are carried out to weed out the root causes. •Quality Management refers to process management or quality assurance activities besides artifact reviews. Quality Management requires processes are documented, audited, measured and improved. •Test optimization refers to simply ensuring more test coverage in less time. Test Automation Tools and optimization techniques ensure both reduction in time and increase in coverage. Simple prioritization can also lead to test optimization. Whatever be the type of your software project, or the methodology implemented in your project, ProjQA audit will help improve software quality.


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Day of release: 2011-01-6

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