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Project Prospect - In One Easy Step, Painlessly Track Leads, Projects, and Follow Up - A Sales Follow Up Productivity Tool To SYNC Your G-Calendar - ...

Discontinued App


Project Prospect - In One Easy Step, Painlessly Track Leads, Projects, and Follow Up - A Sales Follow Up Productivity Tool To SYNC Your G-Calendar - Go to Main Menu - Accounts - Then sign into your Gmail account. This will activate Notifications through Gmail and Gcal. Have you ever wished you could easily increase your selling productivity? We have been there managing post it’s, evernote, notebook, random 3x5 cards just to track who our sales lead or project is and when we need to follow up next. Why use multiple platforms to track your sales leads and projects? Check out Project Prospect, our app eliminates headache and drastically minimizes lost sales leads or losing valuable projects. Did you know that on average a salesperson has to communicate with a prospect 7-10 times to close a deal? Follow up is crucial for sales success. Project Prospect is a app designed to help streamline the lead follow up process by allowing you to in one easy step: gather contact details, set a follow up date & reminder in your calendar, track contacts progress & next steps, and share all of these details with your inside team. With G-Calendar integration each prospect or project will be synced with all of your devices. We can help you save time tracking your sales pipeline and always knowing what’s next for your valuable projects. Project Prospect will help you never let a sales lead or project fall through the cracks! 4 Reasons to Use Project Prospect: 1st - When to Follow Up View your current Prospects & Projects with our easy to use interface. Open our app each day and know who to follow up with and your next step to close the deal. 2nd - Accomplish 4 tasks with 1 Action. Log new leads, add a follow up event in your calendar, email the lead to your team, and add a reminder to prompt you with your next step. 3rd - Minimize Clicks to Log New Leads. Sales Tracking tools tend to be click intensive, our app makes it easy to log new leads or projects. Less clicks = more time to find new leads. 4th - Sync Each Follow Up to All Devices. When logging new sales leads easily sync your computer, mobile phone, or iPad with our app using G-Calendar integration. The Benefits of Using Project Prospect: Minimize Tasks - Accomplish up to 4 tasks with 1 action. Simply Sync - Sync your devices using G-Calendar integration. Easy Access - Easily access your sales pipeline information. Less Clicks - Less clicks to log new sales entries. Real time - Update and log sales leads without internet access Follow Up - Always know when to follow up. Coming Soon - The Project Prospect Dashboard: Have you ever spent extra time at the end of your day inputting contact details into your CRM? It’s a painful process, and a waste of time. In the next few months our proprietary dashboard will allow you to push your Project Prospect data directly through to your CRM system. Eliminating the time that you would spend inputting data at the end of the day. Our Dashboard will also provide Realtime updates from your sales teams current list of leads and projects. Giving you the ability to share and help your sales team with current leads


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