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The Promasys iPad app brings efficient, user friendly and quality controlled data entry and subject management to the iPad. The Promasys iPad app is ...

Discontinued App


The Promasys iPad app brings efficient, user friendly and quality controlled data entry and subject management to the iPad. The Promasys iPad app is a data entry tool that connects to a database of the Promasys clinical data management system. By default, after download from the app store the app will connect to our demo server. This will allow you to experience what you can do with the app. The app is designed to be used by users/organizations who have a server installation of Promasys version 7.0 or higher and a license for the Promasys iPad app module. Ask your Promasys system administrator for instructions to adjust the Promasys iPad app settings so that it will connect to the Promasys server of your organization. Promasys offers an integrated solution for quality controlled clinical data management and EDC. Promasys allows users to quickly set up clinical study databases, without the need to do any programming. After the setup of a clinical study database has been completed, various data collection and input tools are generated automatically: paper CRFs, EDC screens, as well as the various screens for the Promasys iPad app. After login, the "Scheduled Subjects" screen is displayed. This screen shows a list of all subjects (across different trials) for whom an activity has been scheduled for Today. Tapping on a subject opens the data entry screen for that subject and occasion (study visit). The user can also select a subject from a particular clinical trial, or on the basis of date of birth. The data entry screen displays information about the subject and shows the data entry fields for the visit. Tapping on a field opens a keyboard that matches the underlying datatype of that field: e.g. date, date/time, integer, free text, etc. Data limits and edit checks that have been setup in the CDMS for this particular study will all function in the data entry screen. In addition, queries and notes can be created and viewed, and electronic signature status is displayed. Adverse events, concomitant medications, and other so called unscheduled events, can be easily created, based on the way their definition has been setup in the Promasys CDMS. Depending on his/her access rights, the user can add subjects, edit subject information, and schedule visits and activities for subjects. The Promasys iPad app is 21CFR part 11 compliant. Online manual Visit www.promasys-software.com/ipadappmanual/en/ to access the online Promasys iPad app manual.


Technical specifications

Version: 7.0 (0.0.3404)

Size: 3.43 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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