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The World's First! Introducing the Revolutionary New Prompter System, "Prompter Duo"! Serving as both a camera prompter and speech prompter, we are happy ...

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The World's First! Introducing the Revolutionary New Prompter System, "Prompter Duo"! Serving as both a camera prompter and speech prompter, we are happy to introduce an iPad-exclusive application that will surpass any expectations you may have, even of high-priced prompters! This breakthrough development is a full Prompter System, including both hardware and software. For those who have been left wanting by previous prompters, with cries such as "I'm disappointed by such poor usability," or "There are so many expensive options, but the cost-performance ratio is so low," we at PAGE ONE CO., LTD are here to help. Our Prompter System is a major breakthrough that will solve all of these problems. By combining our iPad application "Prompter Duo" and our exclusive hardware, a single piece of hardware can act as both a camera and speech prompter, forming the world's first ever Prompter System. Anyone with an iPad can take advantage of this system at no additional cost, and there is no need to have an extra PC or even a power supply handy. Compact and easy to carry, whether for personal or business use, this prompter is ready for any situation. Most of all, it will serve as the perfect support system for your speech, all at a competitive price. PAGE ONE is a developer and manufacturer of prompters, ranked number one in market share in Japan. Starting with NHK in 1995, our systems have been installed in the offices of broadcasters and large firms for years. -------------------------------------------------- The "Prompter Duo" application is an iPad-exclusive prompter that allows for simple creation of smoothly scrolling scripts. It excels as the perfect partner for anyone who may need to give a speech or presentation, including those involved in the filming of commercials, teachers and lecturers, students, event hosts, conference presenters, those recording movies for submission on the Internet, those filming merchandise advertising for e-commerce sites, and so on. "The supporting force behind your every speech!" Main Functions ・Count Down Function (ON/OFF, seconds) ・Display Direction (automatic, vertical, horizontal) ・Inverted Text Display (allows for use of half-mirrored speech and camera prompters) ・Consecutive Playback ・Automatic Start ・Scroll Speed (allows for realtime editing with locater display) ・Marker display ・Multiple Fonts ・Multiple Font Sizes ・Multiple Font Colors ・Background Colors ・Display Screen Editing (Editor Mode/Display Screen Mode) ・Setting of Cue Point (swipe to switch cue points) Dropbox Compatibility Feature (Use Dropbox to acquire and share text) Allows for direct input, download, and sending of text via e-mail. Support Page Page One Website


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3.0

Size: 7.78 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Page One Co., Ltd.

Day of release: 2012-06-6

Recommended age: 4+

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