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All essential calculations for a property decision are at your fingertips after entering only 4 key inputs, and then you can see immediately how much ...

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All essential calculations for a property decision are at your fingertips after entering only 4 key inputs, and then you can see immediately how much profit you’ll make each year! Featured on the AppStore Home Page at "What's Hot" and "New & Noteworthy". This takes all the guesswork out of finding the best real estate deal. Use the in-built Slider to change the purchase price until the message turns Green and it says "BUY". Then, this tells you how much your maximum offer on the investment property should be! A must for people that want to expand their investments in real estate, or just want to analyse the cash-flow or yield on a property . Designed and used by experienced real estate investors. Whether you’re an Investor, Real estate professional, broker, or lender, this app gives you the numbers at your finger tips to see the potential return on your investment, the value that’s there ready to be yours, and can simply be used to find out what your ongoing mortgage repayment costs will be on the loan! KEY FEATURES: Decision Making - See what price you should buy at, and how much you’ll lose if you pay the asking price - See what your annual yield and cash-flow will be before you purchase the property - Compare properties - See all the properties you’re assessing, filtered by status - on one screen - Automatic mortgage calculator Agent Tracking - Track which agents are your contacts for each property - Attach photo image of your agent - Contact details at your fingertips - Text/SMS, Phone, or Email your agent with 1-button Property Tracking - Create properties - Attach photo images of properties - Link to Web pages for property details - See at a glance all properties and current status - Track progress of your property analysis / offers / or purchases - Record history of offers, accepted deals, Rejected deals, and Pending offers - Record all income and upfront & recurring expenses Property Financials - Caters for Interest-only or Principal-and-Interest loans - Automatic indicator for negative or positive-gearing - A ‘Slider’ to automatically work out the price you should be offering on a property before you purchase, with instant updates to all calculations - Full detailed calculations including Yield (% and $) and Cash-on-Cash returns - Mortgage repayment calculations (monthly and annual) - Gross and Net returns automatically calculated for you - See full annual incomings versus outgoings Ease of Use - Access to key information quickly - Nice and simple interface - Use the “Slider” to work out the best purchase price for you.


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