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ProseEdit is a mighty word processor which allows easy editing of larger and structured documents and puts real text editing capability in your pocket ...

Discontinued App


ProseEdit is a mighty word processor which allows easy editing of larger and structured documents and puts real text editing capability in your pocket - whether you want to write a shopping list, a novel, or a full technical report… - Developed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch - Not a cut-down desktop app - Not a scrunched-up tablet app In ProseEdit you build your document up from ‘chunks’. A text chunk holds one or more paragraphs of text, while other types of chunk form lists, sections, figures and even tables. Text editing within each chunk is done in situ with a full range of typing support and text editing tools. However, with a swipe of a toolbar you can also work with whole chunks: from moving and copying, to splitting them into paragraphs, sentences or words - making rearranging content virtually effortless. Other excellent features such as an interactive document index and an always-available scratch document result in a truly powerful editing environment which will let you tackle all your editing challenges efficiently. Better still, ProseEdit is highly configurable - so you can make it work just how you want it to. ProseEdit deliberately separates content and formatting so you get to edit in a compact fully-wrapped view in your favourite fonts safe in the knowledge your document will be formatted consistently using the styles you specify giving almost total control over the look of your document. You can preview what you are working on at any time. Overall, if you think you can't do real text editing on a 'phone that's simply because you haven't used the right editor yet. View example documents on www.ProseEdit.com - which was itself created with ProseEdit! If some aspect of ProseEdit isn't exemplary please get in touch - I will do my best to help. ~~~ SCREENSHOTS 1. Moving chunks 2. Landscape editing with Edit Menu visible 3. Document Index 4. Editing Typing Reactions 5. Document Preview ~~~ FEATURES DOCUMENT - HTML-based document format - View in any browser - Import into mainstream desktop apps - Web ready - just upload to a website - Comprehensive document content - Lists - nested with bullets or numbered - Sections and nested subsections - Tables - built with row and cell chunks, any content, any size - Figures - Code listings - Web links and anchors - Markup - include notes, ideas, and tasks where they apply in the document - Journals - add private notes to any chunk - Extensive styles-based formatting - Any document can be a template EDITING - Full-screen editing optimised for landscape use with optional clutter free mode - Fully configurable Typing Reactions engine gives text expansion, auto-correction and more - Enhanced multi-page Edit Menu with powerful text editing tools and user defined buttons - Integrated editable Lexicons, for better word suggestions - Powerful chunk-level editing: select a range and move, copy, delete, split, merge, promote/demote, join, fold, tab… - Scratch document for easy content transfer between documents - Interactive Document Index, for quick navigation and content enquiry - Full undo and redo with browsable edit history - Timed saves in the background - Document Preview with content index - Hugely configurable - Uses simple resource documents - Each document can specify its own set-up - Supports bluetooth keyboard and dictation FILE MANAGEMENT - Folders and subfolders - Move, copy & delete multiple files - Simple version management - Find In Files search, by name or content - Share by email, iTunes or ‘Open In…’ - Text import and export - Print in colour or monochrome HELP - Onscreen guides for getting started - Extensive context-sensitive Help built-in GENERAL - Standalone app, doesn't require web access - Download resources from the website


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Version: 1.1

Size: 3.76 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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