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"Many praises more I could give, just buy the app, you won't be disappointed." -- ubahero "I love this app, it should be required reading." -- Lzinna "This ...

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"Many praises more I could give, just buy the app, you won't be disappointed." -- ubahero "I love this app, it should be required reading." -- Lzinna "This app rules. An incredible wealth of info for a low low price." -- IronmanLos Prosperity Consciousness is defined as having a mindset which allows for the acceptance of riches of all kinds. This huge reference contains the timeless classic books: The Science of Getting Rich (by Wallace Wattles), Think & Grow Rich (by Napoleon Hill) and The Master Key System (by Charles F. Haanel). Every word of these masterful books contained in this eBook. "The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way. Those who do things in this certain way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich. Therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in this certain way will infallibly get rich." -- Wallace D. Wattles "Too many people refuse to set high goals for themselves, or even neglect selecting a career, because they fear the criticism of relatives and "friends" who may say, "don't aim so high, people will think you are crazy.” -- Napoleon Hill It has been said that The Master Key System is the book that Bill Gates read just before leaving Harvard to start his own computer software business, which made him the wealthiest man in the world. The Master Key System lays down the foundation of the principles of creative manifestation through the Law of Attraction, as Haanel understood them. You will learn how to develop and use the creative instrument of your mind—creating true abundance in your life and opening up to the limitless possibilities of the truly creative life. Perhaps, most fascinating, is that the genesis of this program dates back more than 100 years. For the first time, these great texts are available together, in one place, always with you on your phone. The full text feature allows you to search for any word and view it in any of the powerful texts. You’ll also get the most popular Prosperity Consciousness and Wealth affirmations available, and a way to view them, right in your phone. Get this App, Read these books. You’ll be happy you did.


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Day of release: 2009-11-5

Recommended age: 4+

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