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ProtoSee is off-line HTML prototype viewer for iOS. It supports prototypes made with Axure, Justinmind Prototyper or another prototyping tool, which generates ...

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ProtoSee is off-line HTML prototype viewer for iOS. It supports prototypes made with Axure, Justinmind Prototyper or another prototyping tool, which generates HTML mockups. Prototypes are imported from Dropbox or via iTunes and viewed locally (no internet connection needed). The emphasis is put on seamless presentation and almost native iOS look & feel. ProtoSee is intended for UX designers, software designers, analysts, business architects and others, who create application prototypes for iOS and need to present them right on the target devices. ■■■□□ Highlights & Features □□■■■ □ Zipped HTML prototypes can be imported from Dropbox or via iTunes □ Unlimited prototype size □ All prototypes are stored in the device - no internet connection needed when presenting (unless you use remote content in your prototype) □ Custom starting page (Axure & generic HTML, not available for Justinmind at this point) □ Configurable fake homescreen to start presentation □ Configurable fake homescreen icon and launchscreen □ No distractions during presentation □ Triple tap to return from presentation mode □ Fast navigation through prototype (no more "clumsy web app" feel) □ Custom Fonts support available as in-app purchase. Import unlimited number of TTF or OTF font files into ProtoSee's library, choose which should be activated during prototype presentation and you're set! Of course, you can still be completely off-line (no remote font referencing). □ Fake app icons and splash screens are now supported with every kind of prototype (Axure, Justinmind & custom prototypes). See for more information, where to place your icons and splash images. □ Default settings can be set for prototypes. Open side menu and go to "Settings" (you can also manage linked Dropbox account from there). Note that default settings apply only for newly imported prototypes. □ "Open in..." feature is available. That means you can import prototypes (and even custom fonts) from your e-mail. Yay! □ Some small tweaks here and there... □ Tested by Axure and Justinmind insiders □ BONUS: you can use ProtoSee to view virtually any website, that you have previously downloaded to your computer - just zip it and put it to ProtoSee via Dropbox ■■■ ! □ If you work with Axure and if you experience sluggish performance of your prototype or a complete freeze, try to reduce the complexity of your prototype. The more animations, dynamic panels, layered widgets, events, etc., the more demanding is the exported HTML on your iDevice's resources. Pay attention namely to Masters. It is advisable to flatten all masters on the page before generating the final prototype for iOS device presentation (right click > Master > Flatten). But be aware NOT to save the prototype after flattening the masters so you won't loose your work. Also, if you use Raised Events, the functionality will be lost after flattening the Master (this has been reported to Axure developers).


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2.2

Size: 16.64 MB


Price: 3,73 €

Developed by Martin Kavan

Day of release: 2013-05-14

Recommended age: 4+

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