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信誠期貨交易讓你隨時隨地買賣香港交易所期貨及期權ç•品,掌握每個賺錢良機。 Prudential ...

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信誠期貨交易讓你隨時隨地買賣香港交易所期貨及期權ç•品,掌握每個賺錢良機。 Prudential Index Trading App lets you invest in HKEx Futures & Options, grasp every opportunity to make money. [分析更精準] 設有äºâ€Ã¤½å¸‚場價格深度,香港期指及期權更加設特長市場深度報價,讓你掌握更多資訊作出準確分析,投資更在你掌握。 [More Precise Analysis] 5 markets Price Depth quotation, Long Price Depth will be featured for HKEx Futures & Options products, allowing you additional market information for precise analysis. [清晰帳戶狀況] 帳戶狀況、盈虧水平、所需維持保證金金額、持倉等戶口資料,一目了然。 [Clear Account Status] Account Info, Profit & Loss condition, Maintenance Margin Level and etc, all at a glance. [功能全面] 設有繁é«â€Ã¤¸­æ–‡Ã£€Ã§°¡é«â€Ã¤¸­æ–‡åŠè‹±æ–‡é¡¯Ã§¤ºÃ¯¼Œæ›´æÃ¤¾›Ã§«¶åƒ¹Ã§›¤Ã£€é™åƒ¹Ã§›¤Ã§­‰åŠŸèƒ½Ã¯¼Œå¯è®“你交易更順暢。 [Attentive Features] The platform has Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English, but also offers a variety of trading orders, e.g. Limit Order, Auction Order etc for a smooth trading experience. 如您已成為信誠期貨客戶,即可利ç
現有之登入名稱及密碼登入。如閣下欲於信誠期貨開立帳戶,請即致電客戶服務熱ç·š (+852) 2143 3922 或免費中國專ç·š 4006 888 801查詢。 For existing Prudential Index Trading clients, can simply login with your existing user name & password. Enquiry for futures trading account, please contact our Customer Services Hotline at (+852) 2143 3922 or China Toll Free 4006 888 801.


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