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Public Speaking Mastery

"PUBLIC SPEAKING MASTERY" A Personal and Private Hypnosis Session by Wendi Freisen - in the comfort of your own home, at only a fraction of the cost! ...

Discontinued App


"PUBLIC SPEAKING MASTERY" A Personal and Private Hypnosis Session by Wendi Freisen - in the comfort of your own home, at only a fraction of the cost! Plus, get a free bonus inside your purchase of this app! Become a Master at Public Speaking. Banish fears and become powerful! If you are ready to be an excellent speaker, you will love these hypnosis sessions- A powerful hypnosis program to help you blast through your fears and make you confident in front of any group. This program is a lot of fun. You will discover how confident you really are when you let go of fears and anxiety. I really loved making this one! Deep Trance Training- This session will help your brain to achieve deep states of trance. Using this session is an easy way to teach your brain how to use the powerful state of self hypnosis. Borrowed Genius- Put yourself in the mind of a speaker who you consider to be a genius. Your subconscious mind will absorb new creative resources for speaking, and build skills you didn’t previously have. You will discover how to integrate these higher level abilities in your seminars and presentations. This is inspired by Win Wenger, the author of the Einstein factor. Buy the book, it is fabulous. The Creative Genius Program- To help you get your creative juices flowing. Love the Stage- You will learn to love speaking in front of groups. Relaxed and Magnificent- Put your mind into the state that you need just before speaking. You will be relaxed, spontaneous and excited about getting on stage. Connect & Inspire- when you look in the eyes of your audience, you will see warmth, connection, and increase your confidence. The eyes in the audience become your trigger to relax and love being on stage. Borrowed Genius- Choose a person that you know, who is an excellent speaker or performer. When you put yourself into their mind and body, you will absorb the strength, charisma and feel completely at home on stage. How do we develop the skills of CONFIDENCE - CHARISMA - POWER? How can we exude authority when we speak? When you think about some of the very best speakers you've seen... The ones who seem that they have been doing it all their life... Have you ever wondered if they were born with that talent? Does it seem that they must be a natural? Why don't they seem to be afflicted with the same fear that everyone else has? Obviously, they weren't born with this talent. They learned it. And so can you. Think about this for a moment... What would life be like if... you had been raised with the best teachers, the most caring parents, and you were supported by friends who were a constant inspiration. What kind of person would you be now if... you had attended the best schools, been applauded for your efforts, found your true calling and became an expert in your field because people believed in you. How good would it feel if... you could get up in front of an audience tomorrow, confident about your thoughts and ideas, and you knew you were magnetic, charismatic, and the audience leaned forward and hung on your every word?. When was the last time... you felt so confident that you knew that people liked you, were interested in what you had to say, and that you were allowed to be 100% yourself. Could you become this type of speaker? I believe you can! Maybe you were not raised by the most loving parents, and your grew up with very little self worth. Perhaps you were embarrassed in front of a class of students, or humiliated in a group setting. These traumas create fear that persists into adulthood and resulted in your fear of public speaking. Wendi.com is a worldwide leader in mind changing strategies since 1994. Get ready to feel good again! This program originally cost $59.90 on compact disc, but we're happy to present you with this iPhone format at a fraction of the cost!


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