Punctuation Matters! Why? Simply because punctuation (or lack of it) can change the meaning of anything you write (letter, email, book, CV, SMS text message ...

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Punctuation Matters! Why? Simply because punctuation (or lack of it) can change the meaning of anything you write (letter, email, book, CV, SMS text message etc). PunctuateHD is a simple, straightforward guide to the what, how and when of punctuation delivered in HD on your iPad, Phone and iPod. Simple enough to use in school, comprehensive enough to ensure business accuracy. And all in a simple to understand, real-world environment. Optimized for all Apple devices, PunctuateHD will help you understand the uses of each of the punctuation marks available in English. Not sure which punctuation mark to use? Just touch “Choose”, select the guide you want and PunctuateHD tells you which mark to use. For each mark there is a clear description of each possible use together with a series of real-world examples of how to use that mark in each situation. And, further to help you understand correct usage, each mark features an “Errors to avoid” section showing common mistakes (and the correct punctuation). With PunctuateHD you are always able to verify that your written English is clear, correct and, above all, unambiguous. The “Expensive Mistakes” story illustrates how a Canadian company lost several million dollars because of an unnecessary comma… Other examples of bad usage show you how poor or no punctuation can change the meaning of the written word, sometimes to dire effect. PunctuateHD is not a lengthy, reference tome on the arcane aspects of punctuation; nor is it designed to be the ultimate style guide. PunctuateHD will simply help you understand the basic elements of punctuation, show you where to use and where not to use punctuation marks, and, above all, ensure that your written English is clear, easily understood and reflects exactly what you intended it to mean. Now with section on pairs of words often confused because of similar spelling (eg faint and feint, or revue and review) or because they sound alike (eg lets and let's, or straight and strait) or because the difference is not clear (eg number and amount, or best and better). The differences are explained and illustrated by example. This section includes a simple search facility requiring only the first one or two characters to list the possible word pairs.


Technical specifications

Version: 14.030

Size: 1.39 MB


Price: 1,69 €

Developed by Jeff Maynard

Day of release: 2012-02-23

Recommended age: 4+

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