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'Push Words' is an application which sends vocabulary/definition/pronunciation via push alarm, so that users can memorize words without running the application. â–  ...

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'Push Words' is an application which sends vocabulary/definition/pronunciation via push alarm, so that users can memorize words without running the application. â–  Words you don't know, you can't hear it nor read it. Vocabulary is crucial to all reading/listening/speaking and all! But here's the thing. Why am I convinced that you've got so many applications about vocabulary, but haven't seen any of them recently? It's important to spend time on this! â–¶ However... You are way too busy. You try to make some time for yourself in the subway, bus, and even restroom. â–¶ So! Here's the 'Push Words'. You now have access to numerous words without spending significant time and even running the application. â–¶ How? 'Push Words' will send push alarms like texting. Vocabulary, definition, and all that. We will send it via push alarm. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, like in a conference, standing in the subway, or taking care of your business in the restroom, take 3 seconds to see the push alarm, and get back to whatever you were doing! You can study vocabulary without spending extra time. I mean, it's just like viewing your texts! â–  Push Words - Flashcards 1. Flashcard Vocabulary via push alarm! Choose the number of vocabulary and the time when you'd like to see them. Even though you don't have time to run the application, you can study the vocabulary, just like viewing your texts. 2. Choose whatever language you want! English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, et cetera. Search whatever language you'd like to learn. You can easily download 22 millions of vocabulary. Also, you can import the vocabulary of your own creation using Dropbox, Mail, and URL. 3. Scientific studying method ! What if we show you more of words you don't know, and less of those you do know? Hah! This is what you call 'concentration'! Even at the moment you're looking at the vocabulary, the application will conduct analysis on how many times the specific word has been shown, how many times you have chosen the right answer/wrong answer, whether you certainly know the word/vaguely know the word, and when the word has appeared on your screen. Don't memorize the words blindly, but study them efficiently with Leitner way. This fantastic studying method applies to memorization mode in the application. 4. Supports Images/Sound files! You can facilitate a variety of studying methods by utilizing image and sound files. Also, using TTS function, you can hear the voices of various languages (In-app purchase) 5. Excellent sentences on your face! (Web-dictionary) By entering the URL of the web-dictionary you want, you can easily check various sentences as well as other definitions with simple gestures. 6. Quiz By using the quiz function, you can review and check if you forgot any words. Memorization cannot be more fun with 'Push Words'. Make it a less stressful stutdy! â–¶ This particular method, which presents vocabulary via push alarm enabling study of vocabulary and its definition, is a patent pending. â–¶ Do you think the application is too expensive? Well, if you study and memorize all the words, you'll be several times more valuable than you are right now ;)


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Version: 2.0

Size: 14.91 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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