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Gain an understanding of the various tax laws and regulations in countries throughout the African continent. With the PwC Africa Tax app you will have ...

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Gain an understanding of the various tax laws and regulations in countries throughout the African continent. With the PwC Africa Tax app you will have immediate access to up to date tax research and information and stay up to speed with changes that may affect you and your company. Content provided on the PwC Africa Tax app comprises of insightful information of the following core tax areas: Corporate Tax - Tax, legal and regulatory developments increasingly impact upon the operations of companies. The PwC Africa Tax app provides you with key information relating to the tax developments and structure of corporate tax within African countries. International Tax - Multinational organisations are increasingly affected by legislative, regulatory and tax developments throughout Africa and the world. Understanding the effect of these developments on business operations and transactions between African countries and your own is vital for your company's success. Indirect Tax – The African continent has experienced unprecedented growth in international trade and investment, with numerous global investors interested in expanding their product markets into Africa. Most of Africa’s 54 countries have Value Added Tax (VAT) systems, which foreign investors cannot afford to be ignorant about. An otherwise lucrative Africa deal could easily turn sour if the parties did not take into account the potential liability for VAT registration or the basic structure of VAT in the relevant country. For organisations looking to manage and mitigate their indirect taxes (VAT and customs duties), the PwC Africa Tax app provides users with useful information on Indirect Tax laws throughout Africa. It acts as a guide that outlines the VAT principles regarding VAT rates, registration with the relevant authorities, output tax, exemptions, zero-rating, input tax, international trade, VAT accounting, VAT records and record-keeping issues; as well as the basic principles relating to other indirect taxes in each of these countries. Human Resource Services - The world of work is changing. People are an increasingly valuable source of sustainable competitive advantage for organisations operating in a global economy and business environment characterised by only one certainty - change. The transition to a global total compensation platform allows companies to be more competitive locally and internationally, and to ensure internal parity in the way they reward their employees. PwC’s Africa Tax app will provide you with the basic knowledge to align your company’s executive and employee compensation with business objectives and best practice. By blending PwC’s Tax, Legal, HR and financial professional knowledge, the PwC Africa Tax app can offer invaluable information to companies who wish to tie their employee rewards to business goals and shareholder value. Learn about HR Function effectiveness and HR Transactions in countries within Africa. The PwC Africa Tax app will arm you with insight to the HR implications of mergers and acquisitions that your company may have with African companies. The PwC Africa Tax app delivers tax research and information for the African continent directly to your iPad in real time. As a multimedia library housing all the latest PwC tax research and information, the application offers crucial information on investing and doing business in Africa. PwC Africa Tax app Features: Ease of use – The PwC Africa Tax app offers ease of use and simple navigation through research and information. Document Library – All relevant tax research and information in one app. Multimedia Content – Video & audio content. Offline Viewing – All media is available for viewing offline. Social Sharing – Share content to your social media platforms or via email. Bookmarks – Bookmark content for easy access. Push Notifications – Get notified of new tax research and information releases via Push Notifications on your iPad.


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Day of release: 2012-08-1

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