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Getting something done - that's what Quadranto is all about. The app is based on a quite popular productivity method known as The Eisenhower Principle. ...

Discontinued App


Getting something done - that's what Quadranto is all about. The app is based on a quite popular productivity method known as The Eisenhower Principle. Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States, came up with the idea that every single task can be qualified by the criteria important/ not important and urgent/ not urgent. That leads to a 4-quadrant structure aka Eisenhower matrix. Quadranto reflects that structure and provides a canvas for prioritizing your to-dos by importance and urgency. First of all there is a quadrant labeled "Do first". That section is for important as well as urgent tasks which should be done immediately and best by yourself. Then in the upper right corner we've got the "Schedule" category. This is for tasks that are indeed important but not that urgent so that you can easily schedule them for later handling. Next there is a "Delegate" section for urgent but not that important things. Those type of tasks can or better should be delegated to someone else. Finally there are also tasks that are neither important nor urgent. That's why the fourth section is labeled "Really?!". Due to their nature those things actually shouldn't be done at all... But that is really not all what Quadranto is good for. With the ability to create as many sheets of the 4-quadrant canvas as necessary you can set priorities for each and every personal or professional project you're working on. You're also able to rename each of the four quadrants individually so that they fit your very own needs. FEATURES - Reminders integration Set alarms to schedule your tasks. They blend in perfectly with your iOS reminders and are displayed in the Notification Center’s "Today" view. - Counters and badges Choose between a variety of badges in your projects overview (due tasks, today’s tasks, tasks in a specific quadrant, etc.). The quadrant view also offers multiple counters that can be scrolled through. - iCloud synchronization iCloud keeps your projects, tasks and reminders in sync. And all your reminders are pushed to every device that is connected to your iCloud account - even when there is no Quadranto app installed. - Multiple projects Create multiple projects to always stay on top of your tasks. One project consists of four quadrants which makes it easy to prioritize your daily to-dos. - Archive Your finished tasks are kept and can be accessed any time for review. - Sharing Delegate tasks right from within the app (iMessage, Email, etc.). - Quick move To move a task from one quadrant to another just swipe right to choose the destination category and let go.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 4.96 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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