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QuestDeck Discovery System

QuestDeck Discovery System App is a powerful, interactive and easy-to-use sales tool that allows you to draw out key information from potential customers! ...

Discontinued App


QuestDeck Discovery System App is a powerful, interactive and easy-to-use sales tool that allows you to draw out key information from potential customers! Find out what motivates them and improve communication by using the QuestDeck cards. Pinpoint the solutions your customers are seeking! Build relationships with your clients and prospective clients by engaging them in the right way. Find what’s Important to Your Customer - Fast! QuestDeck uses a virtual deck of 26 cards designed to help maximize business profitability by keeping it running smoothly. Each card represents a key area of concern to your customers within their business environment. With a quick swipe of the screen, your customer can easily focus on what matters. Areas of focus include: •Increasing Profits •Branding •Reducing Costs •Reducing Downtime …and 22 more! Here’s how it works….. 1.Have your customer select the cards that are important to them! Let your customer swipe through the virtual card deck headings and select the cards (areas of concern) that are important to them. The cards easily drag and drop down into their own custom box. 2.They selected the cards - now you ask the questions! Now that you’ve pinpointed the areas of focus that concern your customer, probe those areas to find out what your customer’s real concerns are and which of them are their hot buttons. You can move their stack around and prioritize them in the order of importance based on your customer’s input. 3.Take notes of their response to your questions! As you probe to find more about those real concerns, you can type or write your notes directly on the individual focus card you are working with. For each card (area of concern) find out what they need it, why they need it and what impact they hope to achieve from it. 4.Match those concerns with your company’s product solutions, and you’re on the road to getting the sale and solidifying a relationship with this customer! Engaging the customer in this way helps to build a strong foundation and good communication going forward. Key Benefits of the QuestDeck Discovery System •Collects key customer data •Provides a framework to pull key customer information using 26 Pre-programmed Topic Focus Area cards of customer sales/company concerns •Creates new cards using the unlimited blank card creation capability •Prioritizes Topic Focus areas and change those priorities as needed •Includes additional key customer contact information with each area of concern •Adds additional notes to individual cards at any time •Provides full report outputs in PDF format that can be emailed or printed •Keeps meetings focused, efficient and on topic ➢Links to YouTube video explaining how to use the SYSTEM ➢Links to QuestDeck Website


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Version: 1.1

Size: 3.54 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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