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Two amazing apps in one! Question Therapy 2-in-1 combines Answering Therapy & Asking Therapy in a complete therapy program that saves you money! "Question ...

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Two amazing apps in one! Question Therapy 2-in-1 combines Answering Therapy & Asking Therapy in a complete therapy program that saves you money! "Question Therapy is the answer!" - Teachers with Apps "4.5 Stars! A Must Have for SLPs!" - Smart Apps for Kids "Brilliant!" - The Appy Ladies Question Therapy will amaze you with how much language it elicits as users repeat, guess answers, try each option & gain confidence in conversation! Try these evidence-based apps for yourself with the free Lite version, then give your clients or family members the full tools they need to succeed! App 1) ANSWERING THERAPY - yes/no & wh-questions - personal orientation questions - unlimited custom questions Understanding & answering question is a common goal for both children with special needs & adults with acquired communication impairments (aphasia, brain injury). No other app available works on both Yes/No & Wh- questions (12 different types!), nor will you find one that lets you add as many questions as you want! With a simple personal survey, this app will work on personal orientation questions automatically, verifying knowledge of the user's name, age, gender, family & more along with the current date & time! Use with a loved one at home or with clients in a therapy setting with equal ease. App 2) ASKING THERAPY - learn to ask yes/no & wh- questions - discover, clarify, request & more! - 3 response modes to accommodate all users Answering questions is a crucial skill, but people are naturally inquisitive & want to learn more about the world around them. Finally there's a tool to practice ASKING questions! Learn how asking questions will get you certain types of answers; ask properly-formed yes/no questions in 8 different verb tenses; ask for clarification using Wh questions (who, what, where, when, why); spin the wheels to ask questions of every type! Both apps feature: *user profiles *automated data tracking & storage *built-in hints *emailed progress notes *audio for every question & answer *intuitive user interface *so many settings for customization *high-quality automated & recorded voices *motivating answers & performance markers *age-free design is clean, distraction-free & respectful *over 900 stimuli for hours of therapy This app is eligible for the Volume Purchase Program. NO in-app purchases, NO personal data collection, NO ads for outside products & links can be deactivated. **Try for FREE by downloading Question Therapy Lite!!**


Technical specifications

Version: 1.04

Size: 162.16 MB


Price: 27,51 €

Developed by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Day of release: 2013-11-12

Recommended age: 4+

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