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*** Quick Signature is the quickest and easiest way to add multiple email signature support to your iPhone and iPad! *** _______________________________________ ...

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*** Quick Signature is the quickest and easiest way to add multiple email signature support to your iPhone and iPad! *** _______________________________________ The Quick Signature app allows you to store an unlimited number of email signatures to use when composing emails. It allows you to store all of your created signatures into an unlimited number of categories such as Work and Home. Finally, an app which allows you to create multiple signatures for different business and personal needs! Does your work place require you to have a long email signature with a large legal notice? Don't you hate having to delete that every time you want to reply to a personal email? Consider it done! FEATURES: * Unlimited number of user created email signatures * Unlimited number of user created categories * Smart gestures for easy access to common tasks * Simple and intuitive design * Supports HTML code signatures with a preview of what your signature will look like * Full rotation support for all screens. Compose emails in Landscape mode. * Solves the problem of only having one email signature on your iPhone or iPad Quick Signature features a simple clutter free design with the simple goal of allowing you to compose emails faster. Smart gestures on the home screen allow for easy access to common tasks such as Copying a signature and Composing a new email. Copy a signature to your clipboard with a long press on a signature. This allows you to paste your signature quickly and easily in an email reply. All you need to do then is switch back to your email app and paste in your signature. Double tap on a signature to compose an email. It couldn't be simpler! Create Categories to sort your signatures. Order categories from the settings screen to suit your preference. This app can also be used to save commonly used words and phrases to insert into emails. Keep and copy the text that you commonly write to people for handy access. For example store and copy that large section of instructional information that you always need to send out. Are you a business which has dozens of different custom email templates to send out to clients? Don't these emails vary depending on the situation? Quick Signature allows you to send custom emails easily and quickly. Send different pre-typed emails out to different customers! Feel free to let us know what you think and what you would like to see in future updates. NOTE: We recommend deleting your default iOS signature for optimum use. This can be done by going to the Settings app and selecting Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then Signature. USER TESTIMONIALS: 5 STARS - elftronix of Finland Well Done! - I think this is the best solution for canned emails outside an mail app. Well thought out program with everything I need. 5 STARS - Itworksvwell of USA I did not think that I would like this app but I have a work and a personal e-mail on my iPhone and it was impossible to keep the accounts separate. Our IT department recommended the app. They got this one right - the app is easy to use and I highly recommend it. 5 STARS - JD Law of USA The App I've Been Looking For - Quick Signature is an HTML app that provides the same professional signature appearance as emails sent from my office. Julian was extremely responsive to my initial HTML difficulties, and I highly recommend him and this app! "Quick Signature makes it really easy to have a couple different email signatures that I can quickly access.  I've added Quick Signature to my default home screen, as I find it allows me to fire off emails much quicker than opening up the default mail app." Chad Podoski, Chief Designer of Shacked Software Enjoy! Like us: http://facebook.com/buddylabsapps Tweet us: http://twitter.com/buddylabsapps Contact us: quicksignature@buddylabsapps.com


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3.2

Size: 1.49 MB


Price: 1,78 €

Developed by Julian Yap

Day of release: 2012-05-22

Recommended age: 4+

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