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If president Obama needs two teleprompters to deliver his speeches, you need only one - the Quick Teleprompter, for $2.99. If he has a large staff managing ...

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If president Obama needs two teleprompters to deliver his speeches, you need only one - the Quick Teleprompter, for $2.99. If he has a large staff managing his scripts, you can do the same with our virtual assistant, free. If he needs primetime TV spot to make the public announcements, you can do the same with our Teleprompter-2-Video feature, included. While his microphone may have connected to an expensive recording device, yours are built-in. Okay, let’s skip the hyperbole and get down to the item by item comparison with a dozen wonderful teleprompter apps in the store: ***** Usefulness & Productivity ***** - Ultra smooth scrolling - Mirroring support - Real-time speed control - Real-time control of text sizes - Slide up and down text easily while maintain accurate timer - Email script directly from inside app - Built-in Text Editor - Support both landscape and portrait orientations - Support direct text file (.txt) import - Adjust countdown’s color, font, size, and number of seconds - Adjust timer’s location, font, size, color - Hide and show control. True full-screen support - Patent pending Teleprompter-2-Video feature allows you to share it with anyone without the teleprompter. Create smooth scrolling videos in multiple resolutions. - Read and record your speeches simultaneously - Teleprompter with style, in addition to the default styles for landscape and portrait orientations, you can choose from dozens of additional eye pleasing styles. You can also quickly doodle a teleprompter background that matches your exact taste. - Sophisticated database management tool to manage all your speeches, scripts, and stories. You can play a single teleprompter text, play all, or select multiple projects to play in any sequence you wish. **** Reliability & Cost ***** The last thing you want is for your teleprompter to CRASH in the middle of your speech. Nearly three years in the making of this Teleprompter app, combined with feedbacks from the industry experts, allow us to deliver to you an error-free app you can count on, 100% of the time. For example, we “lock” the orientation once the teleprompter has started, just in case you accidentally bump the device. We hired the industry best voice over talent and UX designers to make sure you can enjoy the myriad of its benefits. All, for just $2.99. ***** Hardware Friendly ***** Quick Teleprompter will work on any iPad based professional teleprompter equipment. Please remember, this equipment is optional. You can 1) hand hold your iPad, 2) lay it on the desk, and 3) put it on any stand. If you are shooting a video, keep your iPad at least 3 feet away, underneath the camera. It will look more natural. If you insist on purchasing a stand, we highly recommend one of the most popular iPad stands - the 5-in-1 Engender Kiosk. Visit www.EngenderApp.com for more information. ORDER NOW. This special $2.99 price will soon return to $9.99. Send us a great (and honest) review, tell your friends, share your great stories. Many, many thanks and wish you enjoy the app for years! NOTE: as intuitive as this app can be, it comes with a 14-page user’s guide with plenty of screen samples and examples. You can start the app and get it running immediately. The Gettysburg Address was recorded by New York based voice over talent - Kristin Price. The Microphone image is courtesy of Brauner Microphones of Germany, the world’s greatest microphone. NOTE: to answer the review from Debra, you can create and edit as many categories as you wish. Tap [+] to add new folder. Simple as that. :)


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 16.93 MB


Price: 2,51 €

Developed by 1to1class.com

Day of release: 2012-07-18

Recommended age: 4+

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