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QuikStudy Russian Alphabet

QuikStudy Russian Alphabet helps you ● Speak ● Read ● Write the Russian ...

Discontinued App

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QuikStudy Russian Alphabet helps you ● Speak ● Read ● Write the Russian alphabet with three modes: ● In Review Mode each letter is spoken so that you get used to hearing the Russian alphabet. A pronunciation guide accompanies each letter to help you master the nuances of the Russian alphabet. Upper and lower case letters are presented. ● In Test Mode a Russian letter is spoken and you have to pick the right one out of the list. This helps you hear each letter as it sounds and recognize it as it's written. ● In Writing Mode you can practice writing each letter to further help you master the Russian Alphabet. QuikStudy Russian Alphabet will help you master the Russian Alphabet quickly and efficiently. Everything is in the initial app download. No internet connection is needed so you can practice anytime, anywhere.


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